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Top 3 Questions to Ensure Jet Safety

Top 3 Questions to Ensure Jet Safety | The Early Air Way's BlogThough flying is one of the safest forms of transit, there is still a certain amount of security that should be enforced. To ensure jet safety you should check certain things, and there are certain questions that you should be sure to ask. Below are the top three questions that you should learn the answers to before you take your next charter.

1. What is the pilot’s experience level?

Some jet operating companies will hire less experienced pilots because they are more cost effective. Those pilots with more experience cost more money. Though they must have the same basic training, you want a pilot who has had to maneuver through some tough situations in the past, in the case that you experience strong turbulence or other issues. We are proud to have strong, experienced pilots flying with us here at the Early Air Way.

2. How many hours of flight experience does the pilot have?

One way to gauge a pilot’s skill level is to learn how many hours of flight experience the pilot has completed. The average requirement is 2,500 hours; however the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) poses a minimum requirement of 1,000 hours. High level operators require their pilots to have upwards of 5,000 hours. You will also want to check how many hours of experience the co-pilot has.

3. What is the operator’s safety rating?

Along with the pilot you may also want to check out the jet operating company’s record as well. The company’s previous track record can give you a pretty clear trajectory of the future. You not only want to ask the company about their safety rating, but you also want to make sure that it was given by a nonpartisan party. You may double check or check directly with the FAA to make sure that you receive the proper rating.

Make sure that you are in safe hands during your next jet charter by asking the aforementioned questions. Knowing these answers can help you make a smart, safe decision and hopefully ease any flight jitters.

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