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The Top Luxury Travel Destinations in the U.S.

The Top Luxury Travel Destinations in the U.S. - The Early Air Way

If you don’t treat yourself to nice things, who will? If this is how you feel, you need to book your private jet now and head off to an incredible luxury travel destination in the U.S. Whether you are interested in spending time on the beach, skiing the most fantastic slopes, spending time in a big city, or enjoying the quiet of a small town. There are so many places to travel to without leaving the country. We’ve got a list for you of the top luxury travel destinations in the United States. 

Best Luxury Travel Destinations

What is luxury travel? What sets it apart from other types of travel? Luxury travel does not just mean staying at a fancy resort. Instead, it encompasses the entire experience – getting there, where you stay, what you do, what you eat, and so forth. 

The overall quality of your travels is enhanced when you invest in luxury travel. In years past, many people would consider a resort destination with a high thread count and over-the-top personalized treatment as luxury travel. However, times have changed. There is something to be said about the comforts involved in this type of travel, but many seek more authentic experiences rather than turndown service in their hotel room. 

There are a few traits that define luxury travel, including: 

  • Exclusive and personalized travel experiences
  • Personal enrichment and indulgences in local culture
  • Ability to customize and create unique travel experiences
  • Overall wellness and sustainable practices

Now, about those top luxury travel destinations in the U.S.

Maui, HI

Imagine a tropical location where you could slip away and blanket yourself in warm sunshine and a breeze filled with salty air. There are so many luxurious experiences you can have while here that will leave you with lifelong memories. Get yourself to Maui

Spending a day at the beach yields nothing but good vibes. Soaking up the sun, snorkeling, taking surf lessons, whale watching, playing golf, and more. Rumor has it that watching the sunrise from 6,500 ft in the air is an unmatched luxury. If you are up for it, head to the top of the Haleakala volcano.  

Of course, you can’t miss the luxurious hotels and resorts found along the shores of Maui, as well as delicious cuisine, shopping, spa treatments, outdoor yoga, and more. 

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

When you think of luxury, the Grand Canyon may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But sometimes, stepping back can bring you an experience you never imagined. At the Grand Canyon, sightseeing along Route 66 allows you to encounter all types of neat things – especially the eclectic roadside shops and cafes. 

Consider staying at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, where you can surround yourself with history and luxury all wrapped into one. And, of course, this wouldn’t be the destination you are looking for if it didn’t come with some incredible experiences, too, right?

While in and around the Grand Canyon National Park, you can enjoy a wild west shootout, go horseback riding, hike the trails – on foot or the back of a mule, go river rafting, do helicopter tours, and so much more.  

Atlanta, GA

Is the southern city of Atlanta, GA, a luxury travel destination? Absolutely. It is growing more stylish, and learning how to flaunt it. You will surely enjoy this getaway with ultra-luxe shopping locations, fresh and indulgent cuisine, and many luxurious resorts. 

Atlanta has more museums opening, is close to North Georgia wine country, has lots of history, unique tours, and just the right balance of city vs. nature. 

Georgia may be home to the best down-home cooking and southern hospitality, but it also comes with a side of luxury. 

San Diego, CA: Luxury Travel Destination

San Diego, CA, is full of luxurious resorts, high-class shopping, and world-class dining. You can stay in incredible resorts and take advantage of unique spa treatments. But, again, the experiences win out. The experiences you can have while in San Diego far outweigh other locations in what is now defined as a luxury destination. 

While in San Diego, CA, you can enjoy the sights around you while having brunch on a sightseeing cruise, spend the day on a yacht, take a hot air balloon ride, tour local wineries, and so much more. 

Indulge in luxuries and all sorts of when you consider southern California your destination. 

Orlando, FL 

Are you looking for a family-friendly luxury destination? Believe it or not, they exist. This area boasts many kid-friendly hotels and resorts with many amenities to keep everyone entertained. 

Don’t forget that family plus Orlando means proximity to theme parks galore. Walt Disney World’s parks include Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Sea World, water parks, and other tourist attractions. 

The great thing about Florida is that it isn’t far from one side to the other. Even though Orlando is in the middle of the state, your family can still enjoy a day at the beach. 

If experience and memories are what you are after and an incredible place to stay, this may be an excellent option for your family.  

Fly Private to Luxury Travel Destinations

Now, you could hop in your car and drive to nearly all these destinations – but why would you want to? You could also take a commercial flight. But, again, why would you want to? If you are looking for a top luxury travel destination in the U.S. to visit, then you want to enjoy the most comfortable and luxurious way to get there, too – and that is on a private jet charter

Enjoy privacy, amenities, flexibility, and a great in-flight experience while still getting to your destination in the shortest amount of time. It’s essential to decide where you’d like to travel, book your private jet charter, and pack your bags. 

Safe travels!

The Top Luxury Travel Destinations in the U.S. - The Early Air Way