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The Importance of Private Jet Charter Service Safety

The Importance of Private Jet Charter Service Safety | The Early Air Way

Private jet safety has been an issue for many years in order to product the public from the dangers of unscrupulous companies. The regulation of aircraft began in the United States during the 1920s after several aviation disasters occurred that led to deaths. Currently, there is an average of 7,000 fatalities each year because of the strict regulations in place. While this statistic may seem like a high number of deaths, it is a small percentage of the individuals who fly each year on all types of aircraft in the United States.

Standards of Safety

The companies that offer private jet charters are also held to a high standard of safety to protect consumers using services along with people on the ground who are at risk of injury or death when an aviation disaster does occur. Regulations are in place for a variety of private jet safety precautions, including:

• Choosing safe landing sites with proper lighting
• Using proper navigational gear
• Communicating flight plans with authorities
• Proper training for pilots
• Coping with lightning strikes
• Learning what to do if engines malfunction
• Keeping aircraft secure from sabotage
• Training in emergency evacuation

Private Aviation Safety Associations

When someone wants to hire a pilot and private jet, it is a good idea to check if it belongs to a safety association. Over 8,000 charter jet services belong to the nonprofit National Business Aviation Association that is headquartered in Washington DC. ARGUS International Inc., also provides a way for private jet charter companies to have its aircraft and employees audited by professionals.

The Auditing Process

Audits are completed on a regular basis with experts verifying that employees are trained and have no sanctions against them. Every part of an aircraft is inspected, including its instrument panel, propellers and engines. The interior of the aircraft is also inspected carefully to ensure there are no dangers that can lead to accidental fires or explosions. The auditors look at the flight plans used in the past and determine how pilots reacted to unexpected situations that required emergency adjustments.

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