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Summer Travel Tips 2021: Advantages of a Private Jet

Summer Travel Tips - The Early Air Way

Here are our top six summer travel tips for 2021. People are getting out and about, so make sure that you know how to navigate the crowds.

Are you heading out for your summer travel? With life so chaotic and ever-changing, a vacation this summer is desirable– and deserved. Though too often, the idea of a delightful escape is overshadowed by the frustrations of travel. It can make the idea of getting away sound better than the real thing. 

Here is a bit of good news – choose private air travel for your summer adventure and enjoy the many advantages that come with it. And, well, with private air travel more affordable and accessible than ever, there is even more reason to give it a try. 

Let’s look at a few advantages of a private jet with these summer travel tips for 2021. 

Summer Travel Tips #1: Avoid the Frustrations of Airports

Airports – especially major airports – can breed frustration. With so many people together in one place, it is bound to get a little crazy. Add in the stress of travel in general, and the warm, fuzzy, welcoming factor doesn’t exist. Everyone has an itinerary, yet they all need to go through the motions required to get on their commercial flight. 

There are long lines in the parking lot and drop-off areas. There are check-in lines and to check baggage. There are long lines at security checkpoints. And then – once you think you are free – you have to wait for your flight at the gate. It is no wonder why they require you to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled flight.

When you choose to travel on a private jet, you get to avoid all these frustrations — including major airports entirely! Private jets depart from smaller FBOs that don’t come with all the foot traffic. There are no lengthy check-in points or places to check your baggage. And, you only need to arrive no longer than 20 minutes before your scheduled flight. After all, heading out on vacation should not start with aggravating situations. 

Bypass Long Security Lines and TSA Travel Restrictions

Have you ever stood in a security line at a major airport, watching the time on your watch tick away? Your flight time is getting closer and closer — and you can’t even see the front of the line. The thought of potentially missing your flight due to security checkpoint delays can quickly increase anxiety. 

Traveling via a private jet means no longer having to worry about TSA restrictions. You can often avoid airports entirely and pull up to your jet and board. However, keep in mind that some FBOs may require a simple security checkpoint depending on where you are traveling to/from, but it is not always the case. 

One thing you will never have to worry about again is how many ounces of liquid you have in a bottle. If you want to travel with your own beverages, 

a full-size bottle of perfume, or shampoo – go for it. There are no restrictions against it on private jets. 

Book Last Minute – Or Bring Last-Minute Guests

Booking a commercial flight usually means looking way in advance of your intended travel date. It can even entail searching different websites trying to find the best deal. Forget about booking last minute as you will typically find yourself facing hefty fees. 

With private travel, booking way in advance is not recommended. It is doable, but unless you have some complex travel plans, there is a diminishing return on the advanced booking. Your best decision would be to book no earlier than three months before you travel. It should be noted that booking next-day travel is widely accepted in private travel. And, same-day travel is often a possibility, too. 

Enjoy Trip Flexibility

Booking a commercial flight means you have travel times and dates that may also be set in stone. If you book a flight from Miami to Las Vegas and it has a 3-hour layover in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can’t very well ask the pilot to shorten that layover. Or if your flight leaves at 6:30 am, but you wanted to enjoy breakfast and a little shopping before heading home, your plane is not going to wait for you. 

That kind of flexibility just doesn’t come with commercial travel. But it does come with private travel. You get a lot of flexibility with private travel. For instance, you can choose when you want to depart and, if you are running a couple of minutes late, the jet is not going to take off without its only passenger. 

Layovers are nonexistent in the private travel world unless, of course, your trip requires refueling. This means you can get to and from your destination much faster – and without a lot of wasted time. 

Keep Yourself Safe From Germs

If we have learned anything over the last year and a half, germs we can’t see can halt the world in an instant. The world has opened back up, and we are free to travel, but COVID-19 is still here – and the Delta variant seems to be moving with rapid force. Avoid crowds all together with these summer travel tips regarding COVID-19.

Entering a busy airport or flying a commercial airline may not be as risky as it was last year, but the risks are there — great ones for those unvaccinated. Bumping knees and elbows with your seatmate does not fit the definition of social distancing. 

Keep yourself and those you care about safe by traveling privately. You are the only one on board, in addition to the crew. Cleanliness and sanitizing standards recommended by the CDC are met — and there is no mixing with strangers to increase your risk. This allows you to remain safe while still being able to travel. And that’s a priceless combination. 

Kickoff Your Vacation in Luxury with a Private Jet

When you finally decide to take a vacation, you need to enjoy it to the fullest. And that means from the moment you leave home for your flight. Private jets have so many advantages over commercial air travel that we couldn’t list them all here. 

So, wherever your summer plans take you, be sure to get there via a private jet, and follow our summer travel tips for 2021. Comfortable, luxurious accommodations and flexibility, free from germs and long lines – what more could you ask for? 

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