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Why Spending St Patrick’s Day in Chicago Is The Best

If you’re a fan of celebrating holidays, you’re in for a treat. As March approaches, you should consider spending St Patrick’s Day in Chicago — here’s why.

Celebrating St Patrick's Day in Chicago - The Early Airway

Every city has its holiday, celebration, or time of year. You know, the one they are known for.

For example, New York City is where you will find the biggest Thanksgiving and New Year celebrations.

Miami is where you can kick off summer.

Los Angeles is known for having wonderful Fourth of July celebrations.

And, springtime in Washington, D.C. will get you breathtaking views of the Cherry Blossoms.


Why Spend St Patrick’s Day in Chicago?

So, what about Chicago? Well, if you are looking for the most incredible St Patrick’s Day celebration, then look no further than the windy city of Chicago.

Perhaps it is due to the Irish population. Or, maybe it is because of their love for green beer. Or, it could just be that Chicagoans know how to have a good time.

Whatever their reason, they can turn a city – and a river – green on St Patrick’s Day. And, you won’t want to miss it.


1. The Green River

One of the most iconic visions St Patrick’s day in Chicago is seeing the Chicago River flowing in a bright shade of green.

Dating back to 1962 when the city used green dye to detect pollution, changing the color of the river every St Patrick’s day has become a tradition.

If you are going to be in Chicago on March 17th, then you must visit the river.

The green dye enters the river at 9:00 am and it will last about 5 hours. You can see the river at any point along its journey or you can take on an adventure and hover above on one of the many bridges – just be sure to get there early.


2. Not 1, Not 2, but 3 Parades

That’s right. A city as grand as Chicago is not going to settle for just one parade.

You will find the South Side parade (the biggest one), the downtown parade, and the Northwest Side parade.

These parades are great for families, but fun for adults, too. They celebrations start early here in Chicago.


3. Bar Crawls

What would St Patrick’s day in Chicago be like without a bar crawl?

You know, hitting up each bar along a certain stretch of the city. A drink here, a drink there… you get the idea.

Wrigleyville hosts one of the biggest and best pub crawls – all for one price.


Chicago Skyline and Skyscrapers - The Early Airway


4. Celebrate St Patrick Himself

In Chicago, pay a visit to Old St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in the West Loop.

With all the celebration that goes on, it is easy to forget why we celebrate this day, to begin with.

Here you will find a fun family festival that includes music, dancing, and so much more.


5. Go Sailing on a Booze Cruise

If you are looking for a place to enjoy some dancing with a live DJ while taking in some breathtaking views of the Chicago skyline, then you won’t want to leave out this trip.

The Chicago party boat is more than just a boat – it’s a luxury yacht that sails into Lake Michigan.

The best news is that there are so many cruise options to choose from since there is so much water found here!

Consider Wendella, Shoreline Architecture River Tours, Spirit of Chicago, Mystic Blue, and more. Find the one that offers exactly what you are looking for.

Some offer dinner and dancing, others offer a nice lunch or brunch. But all offer a wonderful experience.


6. Too Many Festivals to Count

Chicago is a big party city, but not everyone is old enough to do so.

That is why festivals are a great time for the entire family.

Perhaps the best one in the city – and the most well-known – is the St Patrick’s day festival at the Irish American Heritage Center.

If you visit, you will find:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Live music
  • Dancing
  • Craft fair
  • So much more


7. The Shamrock Greening – Citywide

As if the dyeing of the Chicago River weren’t enough, the city even goes a step further and begins lighting up areas and buildings throughout the city.

At every turn you will see the soft green glow. This usually begins the week prior to St Patrick’s Day and allows everyone in the vicinity to start getting in the Irish spirit.

Forever Green celebration.

Hosted each year at the Theater on the Lake by the Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago, this event brings festivities that are perfect for a St Patrick’s Day celebration.

It is usually held in the week prior to the big day and is often considered the perfect place to kick off the holiday.

Enjoy true Irish music, dinner, and dancing. And, well, everything green.


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8. Visit Chicago Gaelic Park

This is an Irish park every single day of the year.

But on the big day, you will find yourself surrounded by a forest that includes

  • Theatrical presentations
  • Speeches
  • Irish history performances
  • Tasty Irish eats



Everyone knows that Chicago’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations cannot be beaten. That is why, year after year, people flock back to the city around March 17th.

If you have ever been inside the terminals at Chicago’s O’Hare or Midway airports, then you know that they can get busy and crowded.

If you are looking for a way to kick off your St Patrick’s Day festivities with a bang, then why not charter a private jet?

This is a great opportunity for you to get yourself – and those you are traveling with – into the Irish party mode before you even land in Chicago.

Then, of course, you can relax comfortably on your way home once your rounds have been made.

Flying private means

  • No security lines
  • No foot traffic to fight your way through
  • No rigid schedules

You can enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day getaway from start to finish. And, hey – if you only have March 17th, then a chartered private jet to Chicago can whisk you away, let you celebrate in the Windy City, then get you back home and ready for work the next day.

Well, there you have it. And, you now have no excuse for missing the St Patrick’s Day in Chicago this year.

Go green!