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Six Great Destinations for Spring Blooms

Six Great Destinations for Spring Blooms | The Early Air Way's BlogThere is no better way to ensure that spring has sprung than to enjoy the beautiful flowers blooming that are synonymous with the season. Around the world, a variety of striking spring blooms draw tourists to admire and enjoy their most beautiful seasonal varieties. Amsterdam, Netherlands is well-known for its tulips, which can be found in 800 varieties at Keukenhof Gardens. Tokyo, Japan is the place to be for cherry blossoms, especially in Ueno Park, which boasts over 1,000 of the beautiful trees. Costwold, England is a great spot to enjoy wild daffodils this time of year, especially during these first two weeks of April. Austin, Texas has blooms of bluebonnets during the spring that line the highways, farms, and fields. Portland, Oregon hosts its Rose Festival with events all month long. Phoenix, Arizona may not be the place that comes to mind for lush gardens, but over 4,000 desert plant species at Desert Botanical Gardens will bloom beginning in April.

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