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How Safe Are Private Jets?

How Safe Are Private Jets? | The Early Air Way's BlogIf you are considering flying via private jet charter, you may be curious about how safe your method of transportation may be. Private jets are considerably safer than even commercial airlines, and have very strict regulations to ensure the safest and most secure experience for all on board. Consider these facts about the safety of private jets.

FAA Regulations

The vast majority of private jets have fewer than 30 seats, which means they are regulated by a specific set of FAA regulations that apply to crafts with payloads of less than 7500 pounds. These regulations mandate that private planes must be inspected before and after every flight. Ground crew at the airport generally perform this task, but some charter jet companies work with private mechanics.

Pilot Training

FAA guidelines also regulate private jet pilots. Pilots must not only have the basic pilot’s license that allows them to pilot small crafts, but also an additional license that allows them to fly a commercial passenger plane. This requires about 2000 hours of flight training, or at least two years of schooling.

Safest Jet Models

Some types of charter jets have a better safety rating than others. Gulfstream G-IV and G-V models tend to be the safest, and this is one of the many reasons that they are the jet of choice for many charter companies. They provide a smooth ride and are a popular plane that many pilots in the industry have trained in.

When traveling by charter flight, investigate a company’s safety record before signing on with them. This ensures that you are getting the safest possible transport.

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