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Private Jet Travel is How Business Class Gets Upgraded

Private Jet Travel is How Business Class Gets Upgraded | The Early Air Way

While private jet travel is favored by both business and leisure travelers, it is the business travel sector that bolsters private jet travel revenues. Sure, the general public has visions of celebrities flying off with select groups of friends to exclusive vacation hot spots around the world when they hear the phrase private jet travel, but when the rubber meets the runway, it’s the business travelers who opt for the convenience and flexibility offered by private jet charters. Here are some prime private jet travel destinations for elite business travelers.

Hong Kong
As China’s economy continues to grow, many business operators from around the globe visit Hong Kong to forge stronger professional relationships with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. Chinese government officials also travel to countries to establish trading partnerships, and their business professionals take trips to oversee their foreign business operations. Private jet travel to the crowded Chinese city is preferable to navigating its public airports.

South Africa has become a leading oil producer in Africa, and Johannesburg is where the national policies that pertain to the lucrative resource are made. The city likely receives plenty of air traffic from visiting oil and mining executives from its economic allies in Brazil, Russia, India and China. Business travelers who cannot get direct flights to Johannesburg from their cities of origin readily opt for private jet travel.

The United Kingdom’s capital has been a financial hub in Europe since medieval times. London remains an important global financial and political center. Great Britain’s membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) makes London a key private jet destination for NATO diplomats who have to travel to the country’s capital for meetings.

Since the Russian government has promoted trade with countries on four continents, Russian business leaders often travel great distances to reach some of their most important economic partners. For these persons private jet charters may be more efficient than waiting around for connecting flights in numerous public airports. Private flights allow them to get to their destinations quickly, conduct their business and return home to their families.

Washington, D.C.
The capital of the United States is a common private jet charter destination for those who work as government civilians, top military officials, law makers and industry executives. Both international and domestic business travelers who must attend impromptu meetings or who just want to avoid the crowds at Dulles, Reagan and Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall airports count direct, private jet travel as a blessing.


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