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Private Aircraft: Which Jet Is Right For Me?

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Whether you are new to private aircraft or you are a seasoned veteran, knowing your options is always important. Find out which aircraft is best for you.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, so many new travelers have turned to private air travel. It has become a haven for those needing to reach their destination without the great health risks that currently come with commercial air travel. But these pandemic private aircraft travelers are not the only reason people are finding their way to the luxury of private travel.

Regardless of how someone comes to know the world of private jet charters, being new to this type of travel means having to figure out the ropes. What jets are best for long-distance? Which jets are best for large families? What jet should you choose for small airports? Which one can offer the best, most glamorous adventure?

Choosing the right private aircraft is best based on personal situations and preferences. This guide is meant to help you answer the question which jet is right for me?

Family Travel With Your Private Aircraft

Family travel can lead to wonderful memories and lots of photos for your scrapbook. But it can also lead to a lot of headaches and aggravation. Kids from newborns to teenagers require a specific set of circumstances to make the trip most enjoyable. While taking older ones on a commercial airplane may not be that big of a deal, taking young toddlers can prove otherwise. And let’s get real for a moment – when you have a large family, booking tickets for everyone and making sure you get seats together can be costly and time-consuming.

Private aircraft accommodate families with no problem. You don’t have to worry about buying multiple tickets or working a puzzle to make sure everyone sits together. The best part is that you don’t have to worry if your toddler is cranky and screaming or if you need special accommodations while on a long flight. This private, comfortable way of travel makes family travel so much easier.

Depending on the size of your family and your travel plans, you may want to consider light jet options that seat 5-6 and have a lavatory, such as the Citation Excel, the Falcon 20, or the Lear 45.

Business Travel

Business travel is another popular reason why many choose private jets. When you are a top executive, business does not stop just because you are thousands of feet in the air. Traveling in a private jet allows you to be comfortable and still carry-on work functions, whether meeting with clients over web interfaces, together in person on board the aircraft, answer emails, reviewing files, etc. Unlike commercial air travel, every bit of business you handle onboard is confidential. Private aircraft can come equipped with connectivity capabilities, in-flight entertainment, a meeting table, reclining seats, and so forth.

Perhaps this is why so many companies choose to fly private. So, what jets do they choose when they do?

Some of the most popular business jets to soar in the sky are the Citation X, the Learjet 60, the Challenger 300, and the Gulfstream 200. All offer the perfect mixture of comfort, luxury, and class.

Adventure Travel

Adventure seekers often travel on the less beaten path. They are looking for something that will give them an unforgettable experience to log in their journey book. Sure, commercial airlines reach many of these destinations. But, when the choice is made to fly private, these adventure travelers can reach destinations that are far away from all the tourists. After all, hard to reach places are not as easily accessible by commercial aircraft. This may mean having to land at a close-by, larger airport and seeking alternative travel arrangements to reach the destination.

When you want to experience the world, you want to make use of all the time you have. This means getting as close to your destination as possible. Adventurists often make use of the compact size of very light jets, such as the Eclipse 500, the Cessna Citation Mustang, or the Embraer.

Which Private Aircraft is Right for Me?

If you are ready to head out on a private jet and you need something that meets your needs – you may be asking, which jet is right for me? Whether you are traveling with your family, on a business trip, seeking a solo adventure, or something else, there are a few things to look at when deciding on the right private jet.

Flight Duration

Your destination is going to play a large role in determining the best type of aircraft. Private jets can only hold a certain amount of fuel. You want to make sure that the aircraft you choose can get you to your destination without a lot of stops to refuel.

In the different categories of private aircraft, here is a rough average of the distance they can travel:

  • Light jets: 1,500 – 2,000 miles
  • Mid-size/Super-mids: 2,700 – 4,000 miles
  • Heavy jets/Jumbo jets: more than 7,000 miles

Jet Size/Number of Passengers

Everyone onboard a private jet needs a seat. Therefore, the number of passengers on your private jet plays a huge role in determining the right jet.

Below is another rough average of seating available on the different classes of private aircraft:

  • Light jets: 6-8 passengers
  • Mid-size/Super-mids: 8 to 12 passengers
  • Heavy jets: 10 to 15 passengers
  • Jumbo Jets: 20 to 70 passengers

What To Expect Onboard

Finally, consider what you plan to do while onboard the private jet. While you will always find the private flight experience much more rewarding than commercial air travel, you can’t expect to hold business meetings on certain jets or play video games and dance with your kids on another. Certain jets are designed for certain things. Keep this in mind when you book so that you find a jet that will give you everything you need while in the air.

Whether you are new to private jet travel or you are a seasoned veteran, knowing your options is always very important. There are many different sizes and classes of charters available to you. So, if you are flying solo, with the whole family, or need to handle business in the sky, there is a perfect private aircraft out there for you – as long as you know what to look for.

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