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New Yorkers Love the Convenience of Private Jet Travel

New Yorkers Love the Convenience of Private Jet Travel | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

The New York lifestyle is frenetic at times.

The successful closing of an important business deal often requires face-to-face negotiations, and that may mean taking the fastest route to a crucial meeting.

The perfect solution may be a New York private jet charter.

Avoid the lines at the airport, breeze through security and board your aircraft before ordinary travelers have even left the airline ticket counter.

Putting the Costs Together

The cost of a New York private jet charter includes in-flight dining, movie entertainment and it often includes limousine transportation.

If your jet charter company is an on-demand provider, you will normally only pay for your flight by the hour; you will not be charged for the time you do not use. Keep in mind that pricing also includes the jet fuel charge as well as certain taxes.

Cut a Deal of Your Own

A private jet flight is definitely not cheap, but as a savvy business person, you probably know that.

What you might not know, however, is that special offers are available and one of them is the ability to take advantage of repositioning flights.

About 40% of private flights go empty. These are one-way, “empty leg” flights with no passengers aboard.

Ask your private charter company about them; you might be able to find one going your way at a discount of up to 50%.

Easing Safety Concerns

If you are a seasoned flier, you will probably not be concerned with safety issues.

Those new to jet charters can relax, knowing that private jets are at least as safe as their commercial counterparts, and perhaps more so.

Many private charter companies opt for maintenance standards that are higher than regulations require.

Pressing Your Advantage

That big business deal waits for no man (or woman). When speed is of the essence, a New York private jet charter may be your best route to a successful closing—and perhaps a well-deserved bonus.