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New York Private Jet Charter

New York City has got to be the epicenter of private jet charter in the United States. I personally used to live in Manhattan, and I understand the demand Manhattan has for private jets.

As you may know, my company is physically headquartered at the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, CA. What you may not know however is that we do more flights to/from New York than any other place on earth; including Los Angeles. Of course, our first office before relocating to California was on Chuch St. in Manhattan’s Financial District.

The supply of private jet aircraft for charter in Manhattan is very special. The reason for that is there really aren’t as many planes based in Teterboro (the primary general aviation airport for Manhattan) as one might imagine. Furthermore, those limited number of planes based in Teterboro are priced pretty high because of the Big Apple demand and high costs associated with the region.

What has happened in recent years is that many small charter operators from smaller markets have been leaving their planes transient in New York with hopes of picking up extra business that their planes might not get at home. On top of that… a lot of people fly to New York! Combine these two things together, and you get the perfect storm for “transient aircraft.”

With so many transient aircraft available in New York, your best bet for a charter out of the New York City area will not be with an operator based in the region. Rather, companies such as mine which track and market transient inventory will generally be your best bet for getting a plane out of the New York City area. Not only will you have a larger selection of aircraft inventory, but you’ll often benefit from planes whose prices are designed for smaller markets and are less expensive as a result.

Reach out to us for your next trip to/from New York City, you’ll be glad you did. I’m telling you, there is a reason why a Los Angeles based company such as ours does so much work out of the New York area.