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What to Look for When Booking Private Jet Flights

If you want a luxurious flying experience, then a private jet is the way to go! But what should you know when booking private jet flights? Read below for the details.

What to Look for When Booking Private Jet Flights - Early Air Way

There are many benefits to flying by private jet. First, flying by private jet charter is way more convenient than flying commercially. There is also always more room on a private jet charter, which means infinite leg space. In addition, the chairs are higher quality, which provides even more comfort for passengers.

But finding private jet flights can be a complicated affair. For those not in the know, you may not understand just how many types of aircraft and options exist.

One excellent idea when beginning your search for private jet flights is to get recommendations from a friend who is a regular charter customer, preferably an owner. Those in the industry can also certainly lead you down the right path or, at the very least, help you gather the facts and differences to make an informed decision.

Before you take the leap into the exciting world of private jet flights we would like to offer up a few tips. Here are some important things to consider before embarking on your big private jet experience.

Weight Matters

Not all private jets are the same and weight does matter. Which jet charter is right for you depends on a variety of factors, not the least of which is how many passengers will be on board. More passengers also equals more luggage, which also equals more weight. Depending upon the purpose of the trip, additional weight might also come in the form of golf clubs, skis, or other sporting equipment.

More people and more weight affects range and may even eliminate the ability to book non-stop service and require fuel stops along the way. Even for the relatively small commitment of a single charter flight, making sure to book the right flight can have a large impact on your overall experience.

Size Matters

Novices beware, it is essential to check out the pertinent information regarding different types of private jet aircraft. The bigger the jet, the bigger the cabin. This may seem obvious but it is relevant in the decision making and something to take into consideration when accounting for number of passengers, luggage capacity, and range.

For tall passengers, a smaller jet may have you bending over while walking through the cabin and toilet facilities can be extremely confining, some no more than a pull around curtain. Don’t allow for the potential disappointment that could come with traveling in luxury only to bump your head upon boarding.

Dinner Meal on Board?

The general consensus goes something like this. You imagine yourself on a private jet sipping champagne while waitstaff dressed all in black pass caviar toasts. The reality, experts verify that corporate meal averages $350.00 covering three or four people and champagne is rarely in the mix.

While catering companies attached to private jet charters are certainly capable of serving full dinners and have pretty much seen it all, the majority of customer requests center more on fruit trays, sandwiches, and cheese and meat trays. It is absolutely up to your discretion to order as you choose, but keep in mind the average trip lasts only a couple of hours so order accordingly.

Traveling With the Furry Family Members

A prime plus for pet owners when booking private jet flights is the ability to have your pets actually with you. As flying pets commercially becomes more complicated and expensive, it becomes even more appealing to travel by private jet charter. Commercial flights come with a host of regulations regarding the size of the pet, the weather conditions, and even the breed of the pet.

When choosing a private jet charter, there are no concerns with your pet being left in the heat or cold on a tarmac for hours, no worries about delayed flights, and no breed restrictions. Some catering companies even cater to pet owners with in-flight catering pet menus. All members of the family will be happy to have their fur babies right in the cabin with them, easing all concerns about pet safety.

Choosing an Aircraft

There are five types of private jets generally considered for charter:

Light Jets: These jets hold from five to eight passengers comfortably and can travel for around two hours nonstop. Although not as spacious as larger jets, they are the most affordable. They can reach speeds of 500mph and examples include Learjet 31 and Citation V.

Midsize Jets: A more spacious option, although roomier, these jets also are designed to carry between six and eight passengers. The Lear 45 and Gulfstream G150 are prime examples and these midsize jets can stay in the air for up to seven hours, and easily fly coast-to-coast.

Super midsize Jets: Generally able to carry up to nine passengers, the super midsize jets can sometimes accommodate up to 12 people. Planes like the Citation X and Falcon 50 are capable of transatlantic flights and are also allowed to land at larger, international airports. Featuring all of the luxury of larger jets, this category offers galleys and entertainment centers.

Large cabin or heavy Jets: Large cabin jets are the largest private planes and seat 10 comfortably. The Gulfstream II or Challenger 605 are fully capable of flying nine hours or 4000 miles nonstop. In addition, they have first-class seating and occasionally sleeping quarters. Heavy jets also employ flight attendants.

Turbo prop planes:  For the more adventurous traveler, the turbo prop planes can hold five to eight passengers and fly up to four hours. Prop planes are short, easily maneuverable, and able to deal with short, rough runways. The King Air 90 and Pilatus PC-12 also have the ability to be outfitted with skis to land on snow or water, perfect for a group fishing trip to Montana.

What to Look for When Booking Private Jet Flights - Early Air Way


With so much to consider, it is important not to jump into a decision regarding private jet flights. However, it is good to know that so many options exist. Take your time. Do your research. Talk to the experts. Then go ahead and take the plunge into the world of private jet charter.

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