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Is Last Chance Tourism The Most Popular Travel Trend of 2018?

Last Chance Tourism - Dead Sea Travelers | The Early Airway


Do you ever feel like time is running out or that the world is changing too fast? Imagine how some of the oldest members of our population see things today. It is for this reason that the hottest travel trend of 2018 – last chance tourism – has spawned.

The world now is not what it used to be. And, the world we see today will not always remain the same. This mindset has encouraged people to get out and travel while they can.

We’ve got all the info you need to take advantage of this movement.


The basics of climate change, global warming, and carbon footprints.

While it is an incredibly controversial topic that is not meant to be debated here, we will say that many people – especially millennials – feel strongly about climate change and global warming.

Why is this happening? The earth is warming, albeit slowly. But, an increase in temperature affects just about everything.

For instance, the following changes in weather have begun to occur:

  • Heavier rainfall.
  • Increased flooding.
  • Droughts and dry weather.
  • Increased heat indexes and dangerous heat waves.
  • Icebergs are melting, leading to a rise in sea level.

As for carbon footprints, this is the mark that humans leave on the planet.

The more damage and devastation we cause by not caring for the earth, the more trouble it faces.

Things such as agriculture and farming, industrial factories, littering and landfills, and the use and wasting of resources all contribute to this carbon footprint.

The more damage that we cause, the more threatened our land and wildlife become.


Natural Wonders- The Grand Canyon | The Early Airway


What is last chance tourism?

So, what is last chance tourism, this hot new travel trend? And why in the world does it deal with global warming, climate change, carbon footprints?

Last chance tourism is taking the opportunity to travel to destinations that are feared to be changing or dying out.

Many travelers – especially millennials – fear that if they don’t visit these destinations now, they will one day be non-existent.

In other words, it is their last chance to experience them.

Whether the sites are suffering due to climate change or as a result of human carelessness or over-traveled tourist destinations, it is hard to bring a natural wonder back once it starts to dissipate.

So, last chance tourism is about experiencing everything they can before it is too late.


Are there any benefits?

While the benefits of last chance tourism are not too extensive, there are two big ones: the opportunity to see something spectacular and the opportunity to do so at a great price.

Of course, the increased tourism also brings a nice financial flourishing for the destination.

See, with this trend booming in the travel market, it is making a few destinations total hotspots.

You may find great deals to travel to these destinations – each company trying to outdo the other. Last chance to see a natural wonder – and you can save money? It’s a win-win.


The downfall

And, just like with anything, there is always a downfall.

When it comes to last chance tourism, that downfall is that the increase in travel to these destinations can be causing more harm than good.

Tourism can bring a lot of wealth to an area, but it can also cause a lot of damage.

Increased tourism can:

  • Deplete natural resources faster.
  • Constant touring of an environment can cause a change in its natural state.
  • Increase air pollution from travel emissions.
  • Cause an increase in waste and sewage production in the area.

While the intentions of tourists are good, the sheer number of them is not.


Antarctica Tourism Increasing Due to Climate Change | The Early Airway



What are the most popular destinations for last chance tourism?

There are some destinations that are skyrocketing to the top of the list for last chance tourism.

They have been around for years, but many are questioning just how much longer that will be the case.

Here are the most popular last chance destinations:


With the warming trend, many feel that the icy landscapes – and the penguins that live on them – won’t be around much longer.

Great Barrier Reef.

This beautiful reef located off the coast of Australia is slowly dying. Its been victim to coastal development, invasive species, and coral bleaching, among other things.

The Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is quickly losing water – thanks to the local agricultural communities. They soak up this salty water and use it in the production of fertilizers. In fact, it is losing 5ft of water per year, on average. It’s shrinking quickly.

The Everglades.

Local farming practices have already shrunk the Everglades and continue to do so. This is also leaving many species on the brink of being endangered.

Glacier National Park.

The glaciers at this park may one day only be found in its name. From 150 down to 30, the warming climate is changing this oldest national park.


Why you’ll want a private jet to travel there.

It is incredibly important to remember the reason these destinations fall into the popular category for last chance tourism.

Doing so will help you – and others – to remain cognizant of all your actions. You can do this by:

Choosing to travel to your destination via a private jet can have the most positive impact.

Travel by car can leave, perhaps, the greatest carbon footprint. If you travel a commercial airline, you will most likely either need to take a taxi or rent a car to get to your destination.

However, a private jet can get you closer than you can imagine – reducing your need for an automobile altogether. It also reduces the amount of traffic that is flying into major commercial airports.


It is understandable that you may not want to miss the opportunity to see something incredible. After all, it truly could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

But, remember to be smart about your travels – and cherish the environment rather than damaging it further. And, one of the best ways to do that is to travel by private jet.