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Jet Charter Companies in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to charter a private jet out of Los Angeles, you’re in luck. Los Angeles has one of the largest inventories of private jets in the world, all thanks to the Van Nuys Airport.

The Van Nuys Airport is arguably the busiest private aviation airport in the world, closely matched only by its east coast counterpart, the Teterboro airport near New York City. The fact of the matter is however, although Teterboro competes with Van Nuys in the number of rotations (takeoffs and landings), many more airplanes call Van Nuys home than they do Teterboro.

There is little surprise why the Van Nuys Airport is the private jet capital of the country… Hollywood! Many movie studios, producers, and some celebrities own aircraft that are based at the Van Nuys and Burbank airports. Furthermore, supporting businesses and individuals of Hollywood exist in the region, all in addition to the normal economic flow a large city the size of Los Angeles would have.

If you’re looking for a private jet in Los Angeles, The Early Air Way is the place to be. We inventory every last part 135 charter aircraft that is based in Los Angeles, and then weed the ones that don’t meet our safety and quality standards out. Next, we monitor transient inventory through our system, meaning that our inventory of available planes is actually greater than the number of planes based in LA. Finally, we monitor cost-saving empty legs and one-ways better than almost anyone else. Add in the fact that we’re physically based at the Van Nuys Airport and you end up with a company that is capable of providing you a stellar product out of the Los Angeles area.

The next time you need to charter a jet out of the Los Angeles area, be sure to check out The Early Air Way. Below is an interesting Travel Channel video from the 1990s about the [now defunct] Petersen Aviation facility. This is current the headquarters of The Early Air Way.

Travel Channel Video on our facility

The Early Air Way

The Early Air Way at the Van Nuys Airport