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4 Reasons January Travel Is the Best Booking Time

There are always arguments over the best (and cheapest) time to travel — could January travel be the best time to book a trip?

Finding the Best Time to Book Flights | The Early Airway

There are many people who claim to know the best way to find the best airfare.

Some are based on intricate models, using tons and tons of data. Others are based purely on a seasoned traveler’s perception of what appears to be the most efficient time.

Truth be told, we don’t always know is true and what are speculations.

And, with the ever-changing commercial airlines and insider tricks, who knows if we are ever receiving the best deal or if their really spectacular marketing team is toying with us all along?

Let’s assume, however, that those forecast models are true, then is there a best time to book your next trip?


January Could Be the Perfect Booking Time

Perhaps it is an instant slow down in travel thanks to the conclusion of the holiday season and life getting back to normal.

Or maybe it is because overspent budgets don’t allow for the extra travel purchase.

Whatever the reason, January travel has claimed the spot as the best time to book air travel.

And, not only is it the best time to book, but it is also being hailed as the most affordable time travel, too.

Think about it – so much time, money, and energy are put into traveling between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

Once it is all done, most people – including those in the tourism industry, hospitality, and retail – can sit back and exhale. Nobody wants to travel.

Except you. Why? Because that is how you score such a great deal.


Don’t Worry If You Miss January Travel

Think you may miss the January travel window for booking? That is ok.

If you can’t swing January travel, you have about the first two weeks in February to take advantage of the low fares. After that, you can bet that the rest of the year will be on a continual increase.

Keep in mind that the stretch of time you will want to pursue is January 4th through February 15th.


The Magic Number to Book in Advance

There are yet others who have done their research on purchasing airline travel.

And, it has been discovered that booking 70 days in advance is the best time. What you will do is decide when you want to travel.

Then, 70 days prior, you will find the best ticket prices for your trip. Not 71 days or even 69 days. They say 70 is the magic number here.


Other Speculated Hot Booking Times

If you do a little research online, you will see that everyone seems to think they have it all figured out.

Travel agents, booking specialists, online travel websites – they have all done their homework and have determined the best time to book your travel.

Are you ready for these speculated hot booking times?

Check this out:

  • Between 121 and 21 days prior to your travel date, you are supposed to be able to discover the lowest fares. Apparently,the worst is two weeks leading up to your chosen travel date.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that Wednesday is apparently the cheapest day to travel. Of course, Sunday is the most expensive, so you may want to keep that in mind.
  • You should book your airfare at 5am and avoid booking between the evening hours of 7 and 10pm.
  • According to Skyscanner, booking on Sunday is when you will find the cheapest flights. Always, always avoid booking a flight on a Thursday or a Friday.
  • Flight prices vary based on location and whether you are booking domestic or international travel. This likely varies due to tourism and off-season variabilities. Do a bit of research when planning your trip to find the most affordable time to go.

There is no set science to booking your travel. Be smart in your search and keep your options open.


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Forget All Speculation and Deal Hunting

So, are you ready to wait to book your trip, wait until the perfect time on a perfect day to find the perfect price? Who likes to book travel that way?

Sure, if you are in need of a great deal and you have that much time on your hands, these tricks of the travel booking trade, so-to-speak, may land you with some great opportunities.

However, for those who love to be spontaneous and enjoy life without set plans and restrictions, this method of booking travel could just suck the air right out of their balloon.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Enter: Empty Leg Flights

If you want to just book your travel when you want and still know you are getting a great deal every time, then consider flying private.

If you are laid back and flexible in your travels, then you could find yourself on some amazing journeys – in luxury.

Choosing to fly via private jet can be incredibly affordable – especially if you decide to take advantage of empty leg flights.

Let us explain.

Empty leg flights are those that you can take advantage of for a great deal. See, the pilot had a booking to fly from, say, Miami to New York.

Yet, he didn’t have anyone needing a flight back from New York. But, having to be back in Miami, the pilot is going to have to fly the empty jet back.

This is where your savings comes in.

Booking this flight from New York to Miami that would otherwise be empty, is called an empty leg flight. They have to head there anyways so why not take a passenger?

The fee is greatly discounted – and it is a win-win for all involved.



Well, there you have it. Booking travel can be a tedious science or it can be a fun adventure.

It is up to you to decide. So, whether you want to book your years’ worth of travel in January, prefer to check out prices at exactly 70 days prior to your planned trip, or be spontaneous and get a taste of luxury on a private jet’s empty leg – there are deals to be had.

How will you book your next trip?