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Ways to Make Employees Look Forward to a Business Trip

Ways to Make Employees Excited for Their Business Trip | The Early Airway

Many businesses require travel, especially if the company is global in reach. As a business owner, it is important to ensure that your employees and teams stay focused, productive and safe while on a business trip.

The problem is that business travel can take a toll on employees, leading to lost productivity and absenteeism. In a study conducted by Concur, more than 55 percent of employees surveyed reported being unhappy with business travel and one-third of workers reported that the hassles of a business trip negatively impacts overall job satisfaction. Long flight delays, dinners alone, long airport security lines, jet lag and inconvenient check-in procedures take a toll on employees. Employees are already under enough pressure from work responsibilities, therefore; you want to make sure that their business trip is as enjoyable for them as possible while also affordable for the company.

So, how can you get your employees and small teams excited about a business trip? Here are several ways to help employees feel more satisfied when it comes to traveling for business.

Working Out During Business Travel | The Early Airway

Encourage Fitness on the Road

Staying fit while on the road can help your employees be more productive and happier. Exercise is a powerful stress reliever and can be invaluable in helping employees de-stress after a long, tough day of meetings. Staying active can give your employees the stamina and energy that they need to stay alert and focused during long days on the road. Exercise also boosts immunity, helping your employees fight germs that are common in public places, such as hotels and restaurants. Therefore, ensure that your employees have access to exercise facilities either through the hotel that they stay at or through gyms that offer usage privileges for out-of-town guests.

Not Staying in Hotel for Business Trips | The Early Airway

Consider Airbnb for Business Stays

Rather than booking your teams in hotels during their business trip, why not consider Airbnb? The home share giant has a division that specializes in business travel. Airbnb provides travelers on a business trip with a feeling of being at home rather than in a generic hotel room. Many travelers feel hotel gloom when staying alone in hotels. The accommodations are affordable and travelers get tons of business-friendly amenities. These include a kitchen to cook meals, parking and convenient locations. You can also book entire condos, homes or villas. This allows your whole team to stay close together yet have their own private space. Booking your team in a house or condo is usually a lot more cost-effective than renting individual hotel rooms.

Using Charter Flight for Business Travel | The Early Airway

Provide Your Small Team With a First-Class Flight Experience

Want to give your team a first-class flight experience at a business-class price? Then, forget about commercial flights, which are often understaffed and cramped, even in first-class. In the past, private jets were only an option for rock groups and professional sports teams. These days, private jet charters are within the reach of many business travelers. Over the last several years, the ability to charter a private jet has become cheaper, faster and more accessible to business travelers.

Seating in coach on most commercial flights is fine for people who are under a certain height and weight. Things are not so great for those who are taller or a little larger. Who wants to be crammed into a seat with other people who also happen to be of similar height and build? The effect is a bit like being sealed in a can for several hours. This is especially true when traveling for a business trip. Many times, employees begin work or attend meetings directly after landing. This is made more difficult after a long, cramped, uncomfortable commercial flight.

Benefits of Charter Flights for a Business Trip

Charter flights offer seating that is roomy. Even someone who is over six feet tall can stretch out and feel comfortable for the entire journey. Add in the fact that the seats are likely to be more heavily padded and you have the perfect setting to relax, check out the scenery below, or take a nap if you like.

Typically, a charter flight is more affordable and convenient than commercial flights for business teams. Businesses can choose to land in airports that have lower landing fees, which helps to save on private charters. In addition, passengers do not pay luggage or other fees when flying via a private jet. Private jets save companies money by allowing employees and teams to use travel time more efficiently. According to CNN, business travelers sometimes spend up to five hours a day when flying commercial. This is due to bag checks, long airport security lines and customs. When you choose private flights for your team, your teams can spend that time being productive and employees are happier as they can avoid being cramped in a tight uncomfortable space for hours on end.