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Hypersonic Travel, is it Realistic?

Hypersonic Travel, is it Realistic? | The Early Air Way

More than a decade ago the Concorde flew its last supersonic flight. Too many regulations limited faster than sound flight to smaller and smaller portions of its journey, and the costs became too much for continued operation. Since then supersonic flight has been exclusive to fighter pilots and astronauts, and hypersonic flight past Mach 5 has been unattainable.

A collaborative science team from the United States and Australia have launched a mixture jet/rocket that reached Mach 7.5, 5,700 miles per hour, in trial. At this speed travelers could fly from Australia to the UK in roughly two hours rather than an all-day flight. A trip across the Atlantic Ocean would be minutes instead of hours.

Alex Zelinsky looked forward not just to air travel but also the future of space travel.

“the success of this test launch takes us one step closer to the realization of hypersonic flight. It is a game-changing technology…  and could revolutionize global air travel, providing cost-effective access to space.”


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