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How to Plan a Last Minute Trip

How to Plan a Last Minute Trip - The Early Air Way

Some travelers plan their vacation months – even years – in advance. They spend hours upon hours researching their destination and have an itinerary that is polished and down to the minute. And then, some feel that no matter how much you try to plan, it seems impossible. Life is so busy that you never know what it may look like 18 months from now.

If you are this person, it is essential to know how to plan a last minute trip. Just because you don’t plan a vacation so far ahead doesn’t mean you have to lack anything about having a nice getaway. If you have a few days to spare and want to plan a last minute trip, follow these five travel tips to make the most of it.

Last Minute Trip Flexibility

Flexible travel is not tied to specific dates, plans, and destinations. Many people plan to avoid paying last minute fees. They find the best deals handling their vacation months and months in advance. On the other hand, booking a trip so close to travel time brings increased fees for things like air travel, hotel and resort fees, and more. While flexibility is not always an option, it can yield the best results.

Last minute accommodations can often be pricey on certain days with great deals on others as they are trying to fill up any last minute vacancies. Sometimes just changing your travel dates by one day can make a huge impact overall on the cost of the trip. Flexibility with your plans can allow you to make the most of the getaway.

For instance, it may take you an entire day to see one attraction or hot spot at your destination, whereas if you choose a different activity, you may have a couple of unique experiences on the same day. Deciding where you want to visit can benefit from your ability to be flexible, too. This may not always be up for debate.

However, if it is, you may find a great deal on airfare to a particular area or another location offering great specials throughout the city to boost tourism. Taking advantage of these things could help reduce the cost of your last minute travel. If you can, be flexible. You may be surprised how much you save on your vacation – and how much joy you will get from being spontaneous. 

Consider the Off-Season

If you are trying to choose your destination for your last minute trip, why not choose one that is experiencing its off-season? This can come with a few perks. Areas looking to boost activity during their quiet time generally offer better deals on specific accommodations, such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, attractions, etc. But that’s not all.

When you visit a destination during its off-season, you also will find fewer tourists! You won’t have to fight crowds or feel like you have spent your entire trip standing in a long line to have some delayed fun. Instead, you will be able to enjoy yourself and feel relaxed – just like a vacation should. This leads to a better overall experience.

Packing for a Last Minute Trip

You didn’t have months to prepare and buy all the right things for the weather you researched, so knowing how to pack last minute is essential. But that doesn’t mean you want to show up to a ski resort with flip-flops. You must pay attention to how you pack when you travel at the last minute. Do a quick search of the weather for your time away to get an idea of what you should pack.

Also, because you will have an idea of the type of activities you intend to do, you will know what you should/should not bring. Keep it light and easy, so you can spend more time focusing on your experience at your destination rather than ensuring you have all your luggage and the ability to easily get it from point A to point B.

Last Minute Perks of Flying Private

Flying private comes with many benefits that you will find to enhance a last minute trip. For instance, you may be able to take advantage of empty-leg specials, which often include an empty return flight. In other words, if you and the jet are heading in the same direction, you may get a deal. Here are a few other perks of flying a private jet you won’t want to miss on your getaway:

  • Access to more destinations. Since many private airports only accommodate smaller jets, you can find yourself in a destination you may not have otherwise been able to access with a commercial flight. Get closer to your goal, too – without dealing with a busy commercial airport.
  • Comfortable, luxurious amenities. You won’t have to find yourself squished with strangers here. On a private jet, you are the passenger. Well, you and whoever you bring with you. You will have incredibly comfortable seating, the finest amenities, increased in-flight connectivity, and more.
  • Save time. You won’t need to be at the airport hours in advance of your flight. You can show up for your flight when it’s time.
  • Choose your travel times. Sometimes getting an affordable last minute commercial ticket means having to deal with strange flight connections (like flying from L.A. to Detroit to get to Miami) and long layovers. With private travel, unless you need to refuel, your flight is straight through – and at times, you choose to make the most of your trip.

And think – these are only a few benefits you get with private travel.

Make a Last Minute To-Do List

Obviously, due to the last minute nature of your vacation, you aren’t going to have time to sit around and diligently uncover a comprehensive list of the best things to do. But do take a moment to pick out a few things to do. This will keep you from showing up blindly to your destination. Alright – you should be ready to go. Choose your destination, book your private jet, and get packing!

How to Plan a Last-Minute Trip - The Early Air Way