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Hotels Connecting with Guests Via Messaging

Hotels Connecting with Guests Via Messaging | The Early Air Way

Hotels are increasingly looking towards building loyalty from their guests by using messaging channels to connect and improve the experience. Upcoming travelers should expect hotels to offer the availability to message the hotel for services through a branded app, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other third party programs.

Using the hotel’s own app adds more functionality making that platform more enticing for users and guests, thereby encouraging more engagement. This method also adds another stream of data gathering for the hotel, which can be used to improve the guests stay at the hotel and plan renovations based on popular services.

By integrating the hotel response system into Facebook or WhatsApp, guests would not need to install a new app to communicate with the hotel. Another benefit is that people do not need reservations to communicate on Facebook, increasing interactions between potential guests and the hotel.

“It’s really about being where our guests want to be,” -Daniel Kerzner, Starwood’s vice president of digital loyalty.


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