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9 Holiday Budgeting Tips to Ease Travel Expenses

9 Holiday Budgeting Tips to Ease Travel Expenses-Early Air Way


Are you brave enough to head out into the crowds of travelers this holiday season? This time of year, commercial air travel numbers are at an all-time high. And, why wouldn’t they be? With all the time off of work and school, it is the perfect time for travelers to get their traveling in.

The travel industry knows this – and you may find yourself facing some steep travel expenses this holiday season. But, that does not mean you should be forced away from your travels. Instead, you can make some adjustments to your budget and save yourself some money.

So, whether you are headed out to see family or spending time exploring a new destination, you may be looking for ways to decrease your travel expenses – without risking your enjoyment. Are you ready to learn how? Here are 9 holiday budgeting tips to ease travel expenses.

1. Combine Work and Travel

One of the best holiday budgeting tips is to combine your work and your travel. If you are often – or even occasionally – on the road for work, why not add a couple of extra days to your work trip?

Work is sending you to a particular destination. Therefore, your air travel is already taken care of. Sure, you may have to pay for a couple of extra hotel nights out of your own pocket, but you will otherwise be lowering your overall travel expenses.

2. Walk When You Can

Do you know that many people spend an enormous amount of funds on transportation when they travel? Whether it is car rental, bus, train, or taxi service – these costs can add up. If you can walk, then walk when it’s appropriate. Besides, what a great way to see more of your destination, right?

3. Book Last Minute

To maximize their profits, those in the hospitality industry like to make sure that they sell out every seat, room, table available. After all, this makes the most business sense. However, have you ever given any thought as to what happens when companies don’t end up selling out? What happens when there is an extra seat on an airliner? Or what happens where there is an entire floor of empty rooms at a hotel?

To benefit their books, they offer you a treat. A discounted rate. Why? Because they will price to sell. And you can save money!

4. Be Flexible on Times

For those who plan their travel around a very rigid schedule, saving money becomes more difficult. If you are looking to soften your budget a bit on your holiday travel, then you need to be flexible on travel times. This may include the time and/or the day.

The more easy-going your schedule is, the best chance you will have for reducing travel expenses.

5. Eat and Buy Local

Perhaps some of the best holiday budgeting tips you could receive when traveling to new destinations is to avoid the tourist traps. Instead, shop and eat local. Find out where the locals spend their time. Dive right into the culture. You will get a greater experience and save money.

6. Choose to Fly Private

Choosing to fly privately is a great way to save money on your holiday budget. It may be difficult to fathom that private air travel can actually save you money. But, it is incredibly true – flying private with all the amazing perks that come with it can add to your overall holiday experience while also easing your travel expenses.

In general, you can score some great deals on charter flights. Plus, there are two bonus ways in which you may find your savings even greater: sharing costs and empty leg flights.

  • If you are traveling with others, whether friends, family, colleagues or fellow adventurers, you may find that splitting the cost of a private jet charter gets you a great flight for a great cost. And, it could very well ease your expenses.
  • Choosing empty leg flights is another wonderful option. Empty leg flights are called as such because they are flights that will be empty for a certain leg. For instance, if someone chartered a flight to Salt Lake City from its home base in Dallas, it eventually will need to return to Dallas, right? So, this private jet can fly empty – or offer you a deal to fly to Dallas.

7. Be Flexible on Destination

Of course, time is not the only thing you should consider being flexible on. By not having a set destination in mind, you can also find yourself with extra holiday spending money.

This option is not for everyone. Many people choose to go home to be with friends or family. Others have secure plans for their locations. But, for the individuals that do not fall into either of these categories?

You may just score some great deals.

8. Buy Packaged Tours

Think about how often you have purchased an item in bulk as a way to save money. For instance, shopping at stores such as Sam’s Club or Costco can give you larger size or an increasing number of items for a discounted rate. Or, purchasing group tickets for sporting events or concerts will show you a decreased ticketing rate. It makes sense that this would work for tours, too, right?

When you want to see the sights at a new destination, consider buying a packaged tour. You get to enjoy multiple experiences and each at a discounted rate. This can be a great bonus when it comes to reducing your travel expenses.

9. Check Out Local Deals Before You Go

Many destinations offer deals for certain popular attractions, festivals, dining, and so forth. Take the time to research this before you go so you know just what to expect, what places to avoid, where to get the best pricing, and how much certain activities should cost.

This way, you will make educated decisions and won’t waste your money.


Traveling for the holidays can be rewarding and exciting – and it does not have to break your bank account, especially with these holiday budgeting tips. Allow yourself the simple pleasures that come with planning, being smart about your travel, and chartering a private jet.