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Hidden Travel Destinations: The New Travel Trend to Know

The New Travel Trend is Finding Hidden Travel Destinations | The Early Airway

Travel trends are always evolving – which is likely due to the way the individuals in our society are changing. As trends continue to change the newest travel trend has emerged: hidden travel destinations.

Vacations used to be viewed as a chance to get away from normal day-to-day monotony and be pampered while relaxing.

Now, however, vacations are becoming more and more about the experience and the adventure, rather than the relaxation and same, over-crowded touristy destinations.

It used to be that many travelers weren’t looking to do anything. Instead, they would flock to the most popular, tourist-packed destinations, and become just that – a tourist.

Now, with adventure tourism and last chance tourism on the rise, we also see the introduction of hidden travel destinations.

It is exuberating to see and try something new, isn’t it? For some, this could mean heading out on a solo vacation.

For others, it could mean taking a wellness vacation to feel rejuvenated in every sense of the word without ever even leaving a distant retreat.

And, for another group of travelers, the newest trend is emerging: getting off the beaten path and traveling to unchartered travel destinations.

Are you ready to take hold of this trend and find your own hidden travel destinations to explore?



About the Newest Trend

How many times can you visit the same location over and over again? Places such as amusement parks, popular coastal areas, and ski resorts can bring great fun and great memories.

But, don’t you want more out of your vacation that just walking amongst thousands of other tourists doing the same exact thing?

Waiting in long lines and fighting crowds is exhausting. How is that even considered a vacation?

Many people are starting to feel this way and that is, perhaps, why this trend has emerged.

It is time to explore new hidden travel destinations before they are discovered by others and become yet another beaten path.

Learn about new places, discover unknown territory, and be able to tell your friends and co-workers about an experience they have never had – that is the idea.

Thanks to the world of social media, we have had the opportunity to discover many new ideas, new adventures, and new travel destinations.

We see pictures and videos of places we have never heard of – and their beauty travels fast.

We’ve now heard of places that we didn’t know existed. Why not explore them?


Flame Towers, The Republic of Azerbaijan

Flame Towers, The Republic of Azerbaijan


The 3 Best Hidden Travel Destinations

1. The Republic of Azerbaijan

This destination, located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, has a lot of unchartered, and breathtaking, beauty to be discovered.

In one direction, you will find the Caspian Sea. In the other? The Caucasus Mountains.

If you are looking for an outdoor escape, this is it.

Go hiking and mountain biking – just be sure to bring your camera!


2. Ethiopia

While it has had a rough history with its internal struggles, Ethiopia is finally stepping into the tourist game, albeit slowly.

That makes it the perfect time to visit.

You will find yourself in an area that appears desolate but has so much to offer.

Visit the Gheralta Escarpment (and even stay here). Discover lava lakes. See the Blue Nile and Lake Tana. And, lose count of how many churches, stones, and cathedrals you come across here.

Ethiopia won’t be undiscovered for long – they are preparing to be a top tourist destination one day soon.

So, don’t miss this opportunity.


3. Paraguay

Considering travel to South America?

Paraguay is located between Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil – and is land-locked.

With most tourists seeking the coast, Paraguay is often overlooked. Yet, this land is wide-open and waiting to be explored.

There is nothing keeping you still. So, check out the waterfalls, the environment, and dig into the local culture.


Semien Mountains, Lalibela, Ethiopia | The Early Airway

Semien Mountains, Lalibela, Ethiopia


A Private Jet to Get There

Because you have decided to try someplace new for your vacationing adventures, you may find getting there to be a bit like putting together a difficult puzzle.

After all, most commercial forms of transportation spend their time and money focused on areas that have the heaviest traffic in order to keep their profits up.

If you choose to visit a location that isn’t well-known, you could discover that commercial airliners do not travel often to the destination or at a reasonable price.

Besides, what remote area has a major airport? The two do not go hand-in-hand.

For this very reason, you will want to kick off your vacation by setting foot on a private jet charter.

Not only is this an exciting way to begin your travels – by flying comfortably and safely in your private jet, but it is also the perfect way to get as close to your destination as possible.

Believe it or not, private jets can reach many far-away destinations.

And, they are likely the only ones able to get close to where you want to be.

So, be sure to book your private charter when you book your accommodations.



All the Benefits of Hidden Travel Destinations

Although some may be fairly obvious, there are many benefits to spending your vacation in the remote, unchartered territories of these hidden travel destinations.

  • You get to discover a land that hasn’t been transformed to meet tourist demands. Its kept in its natural and beautiful state.
  • You don’t have to fight crowds of people.
  • As you discover the new land, you may also find a bit of self-discovery along the way, too.
  • Because these areas don’t often get tourists, you will find that they may be more financially accessible.



What You Should Know About Remote Destinations

Before traveling anywhere – especially to a remote destination – you will want to do some research.

Learn about the area and any safety concerns that may be present.

In addition, be sure to check with your doctor that you have all your shots and are medically protected.

And, of course, be sure to learn of U.S. Embassy information and the travel documents necessary to arrive and leave the country.


Hidden Travel Destinations to Visit on a Private Jet | The Early Airway



Traveling on your next vacation doesn’t have to be the same old vacation you take every year.

You are seeking a break from monotony, so why would you want to make your vacation monotonous?

Give your senses something to squeal over with new experiences and adventures in hidden travel destinations.

This trend doesn’t show signs of stopping which means those quiet places may soon be bustling – so check them out before it is too late!