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Are Guided Vacations The Best Way to Travel as a Family?

Traveling with family is so much fun, yet it can be stressful as well. How can you make sure that each family member has fun and gets to participate in activities they enjoy? Guided vacations may be the answer.

Guided Vacations Perfect for Family Vacations - The Early Air Way

So you are looking to get away on a nice vacation with your family, but you are not interested in all the legwork that it requires. And we aren’t talking about hitting up the gym.

If you have ever planned a vacation – from start to finish – then you know just how time-consuming and mind-boggling the whole procedure can be. But, imagine doing the same thing, but involving your family.

You no longer just have to worry about keeping yourself busy, happy, and safe, but you also have to worry about your significant other and your kids. And, if your kids vary greatly in age, that can be even more challenging.


What Are Guided Vacations?

Before you spend hours of your time planning or decide to forego the wonderful summer family vacation altogether, you should know about a new, trendy travel method that could just ignite a spark in your family’s travel desires. Are you ready?

Guided vacations.

Yep. It’s true. Those two words can save the day when it comes to family travel this summer. We’re going to show you how.

But first, what are guided vacations?

This new trend of travel lets you sit back and enjoy the ride, without all the stress. It includes planned accommodations and itineraries, arranged transportation, set tours, and local knowledge of the area. This may be the perfect way for your family to travel this summer, and for good reason:


1. Keep It Safe

If you have watched any sort of news these days, safety seems to be on everyone’s mind. When it comes to traveling with your family, you want to make sure that everyone will be safe.

Unfortunately, when you travel to areas you are not familiar with, you are simply a stranger relying on reviews from websites like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

When it involves the whole family, you want to make sure everyone is safe and out of harm’s way. By investing in a guided vacation, you have the benefit of insider knowledge.

The local guides know the ways to stay safe and the areas to avoid. They will get you where you need to go in the safest manner. And, are there to answer any questions you may have about the area.


2. Keep Everyone Happy

There are few things worse than dragging the entire family halfway around the world for a magnificent experience and have to hear the complaints of your two grumpy teenagers.

Guided vacations are planned to keep everyone happy – even those you haven’t seen smile in a while. They have age-appropriate interests that are sure to be a blast. And, the choices available are all going to be dependent on where you travel.

The idea is to get everyone involved and finding enjoyment together while doing things you may not have otherwise selected.

When it comes to booking guided vacations with kids, you will see that the experiences are often more hands-on and include physical involvement, rather than sitting still. In fact, they are designed for families with children.


3. Save Your Money

Rather than independent travel, guided vacations are absolutely able to help save you money. Just as with many purchases, choosing several items al la carte can end up costing you more than if you invest in a package deal.

When booking your guided vacation, you may even find that you can enjoy even more experiences and still pay less than booking them individually.

Let’s say, for example, that you choose to book your experiences on your own prior to or when you arrive at your destination. Now, you may think that you are prepared with museum tickets and other event tickets.

However, when you get there, you quickly learn that there is:

  • A transportation fee
  • A gate fee,
  • Required food fees, and more

These end up costing you more than expected – and may even dip into money that you didn’t have.

With a guided vacation, you would not have to worry about extra costs – everything is included in the price.


Kids Playing at the Beach On Vacation - The Early Air Way


4. Enjoy Cultural Experiences

In order to get up close and personal with a different culture, you must immerse yourself in that culture. But, this is not always easy when you don’t know anyone.

With a guided vacation, you are guided by the locals – the experts. They will teach you the way of the local culture and give you as close of an experience as possible.

Remember travel brochures can’t give you the whole picture. For example, the brochure or infographic can show you a popular local meal, but a guided vacation can allow you to smell it, taste it, and enjoy it. And, that is a big difference.


5. Reduce the Stress – Enjoy the True Definition of Vacation

As we have already discussed, planning a family vacation can be so stressful. Traveling alone or with a significant other does not always require a planned-out itinerary.

But, when you are traveling with kids, it is important to know exactly what you are doing and what will be involved. This way you can make sure your kids are prepared – and that you have it together.

So, before leaving for vacation, you must make sure you – and the kids – are packed and ready to go.

  • You must also make sure you have an appropriate itinerary that is going to allow your family to see everything the destination has to offer without going over budget.
  • Making sure the kids are happy with your choices along the way is important, too.

Forget all this stress and go with a guided vacation. Let this remind you what a true vacation is supposed to feel like. You just have to pack your bags and show up. Stress-free and full of relaxation.


6. Leave it to the Travel Experts

Let’s face it. You may be very good at what you do, but when it comes to planning things to do for a week in a place you have never been – you may as well pass the torch on to someone better equipped: a travel expert.

This person is getting paid to plan your guided vacation – so sit back and let it happen.



Are you ready to take a family vacation to kick off the end of summer and impending new school year? D

o so with some fun and great memory-making – with a guided vacation. And, you may as well get it all started by booking a private jet charter.

Guided vacation with a private jet is the best way to travel as a family this summer.


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