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Flying In a Private Jet vs. First Class

Private Jet vs. First Class - EAW

Flying in a private jet vs first class both have their own pros and cons. Find out what’s right for you!

Flying coach is not the most exciting option when it comes to flying. Sure, it can get you to your destination and back again, but is it enjoyable? Is it memorable? Think about the last trip that you took as a regular commercial airline passenger. Think about the long lines you stood in to get to the boarding process of your flight. And the elbows and knees you touched of the person sitting next to you. Coach offers no special treatment along the way — it was just you and everyone else around sitting in the cramped seats breathing in the same air, sharing the conversation, whether intended or not and feeling very exposed.

But what could your travel experience be like if you chose a private jet vs. first class? Which is better? Are they the same? Is it worth it?

Private Jet vs. First Class: Similarities

It’s true – there are some similarities of flying in a private jet vs. first class. First, they both come with a little more comfort than the coach option. Seats are bigger and more comfortable, as well as having a little more room between them.

They both get you to and from your destinations, traveling all over the world. And, while onboard, you will have access to inflight service.

Both of these options cost a bit more than your average airfare.

Private Jet vs. First Class: Differences

Just as first-class and private travel have some similarities, they both offer quite a different experience. Let’s take a look at a few of the critical differences.

Onboard Accommodations. While first-class offers you more room and more comfortable seating, you still have an assigned seat – and no option but that seat. On a private jet, however, you have your choice of luxurious seating – chairs, sofas, dining table, or even a bed.

Freedom. When you fly first class, you can get up to use the restroom or stretch your legs, but you don’t have far to go, thanks to all the other passengers. With a private jet, you have the freedom to move about and sit wherever you’d like, and spend your time how you best see fit.

Privacy. Because your first-class seat is still onboard a commercial aircraft, privacy – or lack thereof – is still a concern. You may be at the front of the plane and in a less dense space, but you are not in a private setting. On a private jet charter, you are the passenger, which means you have total privacy while onboard the flight.

Time. Time is a precious commodity, so saving it is important. When taking a first-class flight, you have to go by the routes and travel times that the commercial planes fly. And, you still will find yourself having to go to the airport, wait in line for security, and again at the gate to board. You can save time on a private jet since you get to choose your travel time for convenience, you don’t have to stand in long security lines or deal with layovers, etc. Private jet travel is the fastest and most direct way to and from your destination.

Available Destinations. When you travel first class, you are traveling on larger airliners. And these airliners cannot physically land in certain destinations due to their size. This reduces the number of destinations available. Private jets have the capability of landing at any airport – including all commercial and private/executive airports, as well as those in remote areas.

Inflight Services. First-class travelers get special treatment. For instance, their adult beverages may be complementary, and their food or snack selection may include premium offerings. The attention from the flight attendant is often quite decent. And wifi is often part of the deal, too. Though, on a private jet, you get a high level of connectivity, catered meals, one-on-one service from the flight attendant, and more. You can request anything special you would like to be on board when booking and personalize the whole experience.

COVID Safety. It is important to note that the level of safety during this global pandemic will vary between a private jet vs. first class, despite their level of cleaning and sanitizing. Although you may spend extra to give yourself a little more space in first class, you are still on board a commercial aircraft with hundreds of others. And you had to go through a bustling airport just to get to the boarding gates. This increases your risk of germs. Private travel removes hundreds of people, reducing your risk significantly.

Benefits of Flying Private

You have your choice when it comes to air travel. You can, of course, go online and book yourself a commercial coach ticket to the destination of your choice. If you are feeling generous, you could even treat yourself to an upgraded seat in first class. Or, you could take advantage of all the benefits that come with flying private

  • Being able to choose the best time to fly. You have control over what time you would like to travel.
  • Flexibility is also much greater. Could you imagine a commercial aircraft waiting for you because you got stuck in traffic? With a private jet, you are the passenger so that the jet won’t leave without you. If you need to adjust the flight schedule, you have more flexibility to do so.
  • Getting work done while onboard, having private conversations, or even just taking a snooze can all be done in private since there are no other passengers.
  • The level of comfort you receive on a private jet surpasses any other method of air travel. You get to enjoy some of the most luxurious accommodations in the sky.

Air travel is the best way to get to your destination quickly. But not all methods of air travel are created equal. You can always choose first class, but if luxury and personal treatment is what you are looking for, then you need to charter a private jet. Reap the benefits, explorer!


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