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Should You Use a Jet When Flying in the Winter?

Winter air travel can be hectic and frustrating with long lines, thousands of people, and delays. These annoyances can make your holiday season full of stress rather than celebration. So, instead of worrying about it, should you just use a jet when flying in the winter?

Winter Holiday Travel Nightmares to Avoid - The Early Air Way

A high number of travelers mixed with winter weather delays and canceled flights can leave you miserable and blue. In fact, winter travel just often seems like a necessary evil – it is the quickest way to reach your destination as long as you are willing to put up with the many inconveniences.

Good news – there are alternatives and you do have options.

Flying in the Winter Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

Meeting your winter travel needs with a private jet is the desirable thing to do, right? After all, who wouldn’t want to fly via a private – especially with all these benefits you can reap while traveling this winter.

If you’re flying in the winter holiday months, here are the top 5 reasons to consider chartering a jet.

1. You Avoid the Mess

What happens to all the travelers when flight after flight after flight gets delayed or canceled? Well, they are scattered in every inch of the airport because if the flights aren’t leaving, aggravated travelers have nowhere to go. So, when all the seats in the terminal are full, you will find travelers settling in on the floor along the walls – or anywhere possible. The wait could be long so it is important for travelers to claim their space.

But, even if flights aren’t canceled, the number of people flying in the winter for holidays or winter breaks from school can be overwhelming in the airports, everywhere from:

  • Parking
  • Check-in and security
  • Terminals

You have to make sure that you allow for these hold-ups when traveling commercial.

If you want to enjoy your travels and head to and from your destination in a carefree manner, then avoid the mess by choosing to fly via private jet. You no longer need to stand in long security lines or find yourself stranded on the ground.

Fly private = avoid the mess.

2. You Have Comfortable Accommodations

When you are heading to your destination this winter, would you prefer to sit knee to knee with a stranger – or have your own private cabin? Private jets provide you with privacy and comfort. You can sleep, read a book, do some work, watch a movie, etc. You are free to move about and enjoy yourself.

Besides, the customer service you will receive will be out of this world, too. And, that sort of just makes it all worthwhile, right?

Flying in the Winter on a Private Jet - The Early Air Way

3. Refuge from Winter Weather Grounding

Have you ever been stranded due to winter weather? It could be due to the weather where you currently are – or it could be the result of the weather at your destination. Either way, weather plays a big role in whether or not your commercial flight will be grounded. And, if it is, you will be one of those individuals holding down your personal space as we discussed above.

Private jets are required to follow the same FAA weather guidelines as commercial aircraft. So, if everyone is grounded, then so will private jets. But, there are a few differences that make private jets come out on top during winter weather situations:

  • Those flying in the winter on a private jet will be able to take advantage of all the FBO has to offer which is usually nothing less than stellar accommodations. No overcrowded mess. Instead, you will be treated well and your comfort will be of great concern.
  • Private jets are very flexible. If you need to make flight changes due to weather, it can be done easily without a lot of red tape. Commercial airlines have set routes. But, that doesn’t apply to private jets. So, if your destination airport is not open due to weather, but a nearby private airport is open, then your pilot can make a simple adjustment.
  • When snow falls, planes have to wait for the runway to be cleared. Private jets usually require less space to take off and land – and have their own crew that can clear a space much faster than those in commercial air traffic spaces. This means you will be in the air faster.

4. Improved Safety in the Sky

Have you ever been advised that your plane was delayed due to de-icing? During departure, moisture tends to form on the outside of the plane. If the temperatures dip low enough, this moisture can turn to ice.

  • You will find that this addition can increase the weight of the plane, resulting in more of a drag.
  • The ice also impacts its main function – and may even result in a crash.

De-icing is very important. For protection, they spray the planes with a warm glycol solution to remove the ice and propylene glycol to keep ice from forming. Unfortunately, it does not always work. In high altitudes, it is common for ice and snow to find their way onto the wings and tail. There are a couple of things that help remove the ice when it happens, but they are usually only occur on older planes. Scary, isn’t it?

Private jets bring an additional level of safety while in the sky that you don’t get on commercial airliners.  See, they can take steps to direct the hot air from the engine toward the tail and each wing. This causes them to heat and prevent ice or snow settling, to begin with.

5. You Reach Your Destination Faster

While everyone finds a seat on the floor in the airport terminal, you can be well on your way to your destination. There is no need to wait for the chore of de-icing a huge commercial airliner, the boarding of hundreds of passengers, or rigid flight patterns.

Flying a private jet means you can get from a snow-covered runway to the air faster – and reach your destination in record time.

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Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits to flying in the winter on a private jet – these are only 5 of them. During the winter months as you wish to experience travel, consider booking a charter flight and save yourself from all the frustrations that come with commercial winter travel.

No long lines. No rigid flight plans. No uncomfortable accommodations.

Just a simple and enjoyable flight from one destination to another during the coldest time of the year – without worry.