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Why You Should Fly a Charter Flight for Your Next Trip

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Modern day travelers find it easy to get bogged down with the idea of flying. Security checks, long lines, and interminable waits seem a necessary evil. But this doesn’t have to be the case. As more travelers, both business and personal, are considering other travel options the world of private jet charters is flourishing.

Why you should fly a charter flight isn’t so much the question. The immediate first response would be why not fly a charter jet?! The dream of flying by private jet is no longer only for the super rich or celebrity travelers. However, more than the sheer luxury of private jet charter, there are several excellent reasons to consider a private charter flight for your next trip.

Less time on the ground

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The notion of joining the wealthy and celebrities by flying private is enough to make most people warm to the idea. However, one of the top reasons more and more travelers are turning to private charter flight is that elusive element of TIME. The only commodity you can never get back. Time is often more precious than money in today’s business world.

With more travelers than ever flying, commercial flights have become somewhat of an endurance test. Long check-ins, even longer security lines, and the need to arrive for a flight two or three hours in advance frustrates many consumers. Connections, delayed flights, and mechanical issues simply add to the frustration and time loss. By flying charter, you can eliminate several steps in the travel process. This in turn greatly reduces your time on the ground.

More flexibility

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Flexibility is key for more and more travelers. The ability to leave when you want, return when you want, and not have to deal with commercial airline schedules and delays is essential. It’s beneficial for business and preferred on your personal time. A private charter flight allows for just such scheduling. Your schedule is based on your time requirements and it is hard to go back to flying commercial once you have been able to choose your own flight times.

The ability to fly out of smaller, private airfields is also a huge boon to the charter jet, allowing for little time on the ground and much more flexibility in flight times. In addition, many private jet charters are willing to wait for you to make your return flight, allowing for a simple booking process with scheduling arranged.


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Privacy has become one of the major reasons travelers cite when choosing a private charter flight. Although some airlines, such as Emirates, are becoming more attuned to the needs for privacy of business travel by creating pod type seating, the privacy on a private charter jet is unmatched. Forget any myths attached to private jet charters, the confidentiality of the crew is a given and business meetings can go on uninterrupted.

For business executives, the ability to hold meetings while in flight and out of hearing of strangers is an essential part of a business. This level of confidentiality can be the prime factor in booking a charter jet. Even those traveling for pleasure can relish having an entire aircraft just for their party, allowing free mingling and conversation without having to worry about bothering other passengers.

Faster travel time

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One key component in chartering a private jet is the speed factor. No, not the literal speed the plane can fly, but the time savings gained by not being forced to make connecting flights, often with lengthy delays. The large majority of commercial jets make connections, which is understandable due to the variety of passenger destinations.

However, when you book a charter flight, the schedule is all yours. As long as your destination is within the fuel mileage, you can count on a nonstop flight. Even with fuel stops, the time savings is impressive without the necessary boarding and unboarding of passengers as would occur on commercial aircraft.


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Do you want to take your small office on a work getaway? How about taking the family pet with you when you jet off to holiday? Perhaps the idea of a multi-course meal served at altitude with your closest friends would be your ideal plan for an important birthday or celebration? All of these things are readily available when chartering a private jet.

Flying private opens up a world of possibilities. Custom meals, varying number of passengers, a custom flight plan, and amenities such as computer and phone systems needed for business travelers, they have it all. The world is your oyster and all can be yours, for a price.

The Final Word

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The world of private jet charters is becoming more and more commonplace. As the price comparison between upgraded commercial classes of service and private jet charter lessons, more and more travelers are appreciating the enormous upgrade in quality of flight when they travel privately.

There is simply the ease of travel when booking a charter flight. From the lack of lines at security to easier baggage allowances to the flexibility of airports and flight schedules, flying private reduces stress and brings you to your destination refreshed.

This is the year to make private jet charter a reality for you. Whether you are a business executive looking to be more productive while in the air, or a family traveling with kids and pets in tow, it is well worth looking into how much better your trip would be if you chartered your own private plane.