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Five Smart Travel Tips for a More Successful Vacation

Five Smart Travel Tips for a More Successful Vacation | The Early Air Way

Whether you’re heading out for a romantic weekend getaway with the love of your life or have decided on a vacation for the entire family, you’ll find that travel can be a wonderful way to unwind and reconnect with one another. However, if you start out without taking the time to plan your trip properly, then you might just end up pulling your hair out instead of relaxing and having fun. Follow these few tips for an enjoyable, successful trip.

1. Determine Proper Transportation

Traveling by car is a good decision if you want to enjoy a road trip that will allow you to stop at various points of interest along the way. If you’re traveling long distances, then you can book seats on a commercial airline, or you may want to consider arranging for a private jet charter to avoid any stress or hassle. Both those who are looking for more romantic, private time together and families with small children often enjoy a much better experience when they choose their own jet charter.

2. Bring Enough Medication

Those on prescription medications should never leave home for a trip without enough medicine to last for their entire time away. Too many people get hung up on trying to have their refills transferred to a pharmacy where they are vacationing, and this can mean you could go days without needed medications. A few over-the-counter medications should also be packed, and these may include those that address pain, fever, diarrhea, congestion, motion sickness, cough, skin infection and itch.

3. Let Your Children Pack

As parents who are traveling with children, you’ll need to pack a suitcase for each child with all necessary items. However, you should allow each child of every age to pack a backpack with the things that they feel they can’t live without during vacation. This can cut way down on upset children during the trip, and you can give your final approval of whatever they pack. Be sure to also bring along plenty of items that will hold your young child’s attention. These may include coloring books and crayons, cartoons and movies to be played on a computer or a tablet with interactive games for children.

4. Plan Your Activities Before You Pack

While it can be fun to indulge in some spontaneous fun during a vacation, you’ll need to know what your specific activities will be in order to pack well. Swimsuits for everyone are a good idea because swimming pools are available at most hotels. If hiking is part of your plans, then make sure everyone has proper footwear, and those planning on having a formal night out on the town will want to pack appropriate evening wear. You can stop yourself from over-packing by planning outfits for each day.

5. Organize Your Electronics

It’s nice to think that you may be able to embark on a trip without the use of any electronics, but it’s unlikely to happen. Pack your phones, tablets, computers, digital cameras and all of your fun and useful electronics, and be 100 percent sure to pack the chargers for all of those things as well. Repack them after each use because they won’t do you much good if they are left in the hotel’s electrical outlet.
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