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Our 5 Favorite Very Light Jets to Travel In

There may be times where you and your small family are looking for a reasonable jet. Other times, you and a few coworkers may be traveling to an out-of-state conference. In times like these, where you don’t need much space, you may want to consider flying in very light jets.

Cessna Citation Very Light Jets to Charter - The Early Air Way

In life, sometimes you want to go big – go all in. Other times, though, you just crave simplicity. It is a natural feeling.

For example, when traveling by car, you get the radio, air conditioning (or heat), and comfortable seating. However, when you choose to travel by bicycle, you miss out on these perks.

But, guess what? You gain so much more, don’t you? You benefit your health, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the sights and sounds around you as if you are a part of them, and feel refreshed when you reach your destination.

This very concept can be applied to traveling via private jets. See, everyone’s travel needs will vary.

  • Some look for large, luxurious ways of getting from one place to the next.
  • Others are more simplistic, seeking the easiest, most efficient travel method.

Those in the aviation industry noticed this need. From it, very light jets were born.

If you don’t want all the frills and instead are looking for a nice and simplistic way to get to your destination, you definitely want to consider a very light jet.


What are Considered Very Light Jets?

Very light jets are also referred to as personal jets and were previously dubbed microjet due to their size. Manned by one pilot, they can surprisingly carry a maximum of 4 to 8 passengers.  However, the maximum weight they can hold is typically less than 10,000 lbs.

While nice and much more convenient than flying commercial, these very light jets tend to have quite a few fewer upgrades and luxury amenities that you would typically find on larger private jets. They offer a simple way to travel between locations.

Benefits of Light Jets

Their small size means they can land just about anywhere. So, those individuals seeking to fly into small destinations can get about as close as possible when flying a very light jet.

Plus, with low operating costs, these private jets are much more affordable than other private options. Real-life examples are always helpful, so here are a few of our favorite very light jets to travel in.


1. Cirrus Vision

The Cirrus Vision jet is perhaps one of the most beautiful private jets in this size category. It gives you a sense of comfort and luxury without losing its simplistic charm. In fact, you will find that it comes with these standard features:

  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS™)
  • Max speed of 345 mph
  • Cirrus Perspective Touch+™ by Garmin® Cockpit
  • Flight Into Known Ice System
  • Modular Seating for five adults
  • Air conditioning with climate control
  • Large windows for exceptional visibility
  • Leather interior
  • 4+ USB power ports
  • Fits inside standard 40 ft. (12.2 m) hangar

Yes, we said the standard features. There are even more features that can be added on. So, depending on the jet you charter, it could potentially have 6th and 7th-row seating and more.

The Cirrus Vision is a great choice for a very light jet.


Cessna Citation Mustang Jet - The Early Air Way

Cessna Citation Mustang


2. Cessna Citation Mustang

In the Citation family of private jets, this Cessna Citation Mustang is the smallest. It is capable of holding two pilots and four passengers, with a total of 6 seats on board.

Its spacious interior sets it apart from other private jets in the same class.

  • Top speed of 391 mph
  • This jet can reach halfway across the United States
  • Large windows for extended visibility
  • Leather interior
  • Air conditioning and climate control
  • External baggage storage
  • Digital audio cockpit controls


3. Eclipse 500

The Eclipse 500 is another great option for private travel. It is a six-seater with surprisingly a comfortable interior space. Perhaps one of the best things about this very light jet is that is just that – very light.

While many jets can weigh in excess of 10,000 lbs, the Eclipse 500 weighs less than 6,000 lbs. This means it is more fuel-efficient to run – and the fuel savings cost will be passed on to you.

A few other features of this jet are:

  • The ability to fly a distance of nearly 1,300 miles
  • Stowaway armrests, giving more room if needed
  • It has been boasted that this aircraft is also one of the quietest available. Which, depending on what you intend to do while onboard, could be a very welcomed perk
  • Max speed of 430mph
  • Air conditioning and climate control
  • Windows for amazing visibility

The Eclipse 500 is the perfect choice for those seeking a small jet for business or personal use.


4. Embraer Phenom 100

Still curious about your options? The Embraer Phenom 100 is yet another great choice for a private very light jet. With a modern design and updated, digital Garmin controls, the cockpit looks amazing.

They went with the idea of less is more when creating this aircraft, getting rid of the things that you don’t need. Its simple to fly, removing many items off the flying checklist. The simple nature will get you up and in the air in record time.

Great care and focus on comfort were taken when designing this Embraer. Here are some key features:

  • Room for 5 to 7 passengers
  • Max speed of 465 mph
  • Interior designed by BMW for comfort
  • Leather interior
  • Air conditioning with climate control
  • Windows for external visibility


Embraer Phenom 100 Charter Jet - The Early Air Way

Embraer Phenom 100


5. Daher TBM 900

While the Daher may be the last on our list, it is certainly not the last very light jet available. The Daher TBM 900 is a very light jet that is popular among business professionals.

It may turn some heads with its propeller on the front of the plane. But, don’t let that make you think it is not an updated option.

In fact, this private jet offers more distance and efficiency than many others in its class.

  • Max speed of 372 mph
  • Up to 6 passengers
  • Air conditioning and climate control
  • Windows for easy viewing
  • Comfortable cabin
  • Can fly distances over 1,500 miles



There are so many very light jets on the market. When it comes to your chartering needs, do you want to go big? Or, do you want to be comfortable and efficient?

If you choose the latter, then leave the oversized choices for someone else and experience life on a very light jet.


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