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6 Things That Will Shape Experiential Travel This Year

Travel goes through trends, year after year – so far this year, it is experiential travel. Yet it is changing. These 6 things are currently shaping this latest travel trend.

Traveling Locally and Culturally - The Early Airway

Years ago, families would trek across the country in their station wagon. Then, it became popular to travel abroad to popular tourist destinations.

More recently, travelers have been seeking to avoid the tourist areas and get to the heart of beautiful destinations all around the world.

Experiential travel; traveling like a local and spending money on experiences, rather than fancy tourist traps, has continued to grow and shape travel as we know it.


Is Experiential Travel the Latest Trend?

As we move into 2019, there are a few things that will continue to move our travel vibes in the direction of experiences.

This type of travel focuses on an authentic trip based on cultural exploration, culinary indulgences, and action-based activities.

We’ve got the 6 latest trends that will shape experiential travel – and what you will find waiting for you wherever you choose to go.


1. Food, Glorious Food!

Thanks to blogging social media – especially Instagram – people love sharing pictures of food and writing about food.

They love to discover new eats all around the world. And, well, they love to take pictures of these meals, which entices their followers everywhere.

Where will your next great meal be from?

There is no shortage of places to visit and meals to try with popular hashtags, such as:

  • #EatingfortheInsta
  • #OnMyTable
  • #Instagood
  • #foodeats
  • #goodeats
  • and coined terms such as foodie and food porn

People everywhere are gobbling up their next great meal – and they want it to be your next meal.

In fact, people are traveling all around the globe to get the best picture of the best food has become almost normal.

But pictures are not all that food does for the travel experience. To get most of these anticipated meals, travelers must get to the local level of their destinations.

They must visit the places the locals eat and get the best of the best of local cuisine.

This part of experiential travel is becoming more and more sought after as travelers give up the tourist destinations and safe chain restaurants and, instead, delight their senses with the local culture.


2. Fun off the Big Screen

We watch a lot of movie and television. We get to see places all around the world through a screen.

For some, seeing it on the screen is not enough.

Perhaps that is why there is an emerging trend of taking what we see in pop culture and turning it into our own travel experience.

  • For example, movies about girls or guys getting together to have a trip with friends can easily spur excitement in friends everywhere. It has them screaming, we need that!
  • Or, movies that are filmed in remote locations or faraway lands that emphasize the scenery can entice others to come to experience it firsthand.

Standing where our favorite stars have stood or re-creating for ourselves the experiences they had can lead to fun and unforgettable experiences.


Riding on Local Boat Ride in Thailand - The Early Airway


3. See Through the Lens of Virtual Reality – and Other Fantastic Technology

Vacations can be very expensive. Before you spend the money, how do you know you are even going to enjoy the place? How do you know what it truly looks like?

A growing trend that will only increase in 2019 uses the technology of Virtual Reality or VR.

With VR, you can see your destination with your own eyes – as if you are there – without even leaving your hometown.

For those who are nervous about traveling to the destination, novice travelers, or those who just want more information before they book their trip, seeing it through the VR lens provides a sense of comfort.

But VR is not the only technology to assist travelers these days.

Smartphones allow travelers – especially those traveling abroad – instant access to what they need:

  • Reviews of hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Attractions
  • Language translations
  • Insider details of the destination
  • Exchange rates

Not to mention the ability to book travel or itinerary changes, as well as book experiences.

Technology makes traveling to unknown places doable – with less apprehension.

That means you get to experience more now than ever!


4. Experience Life as a Local – with a Little Help

Have you ever traveled anywhere, and you were not sure where to find a good meal or what neighborhoods to avoid?

With one of the latest trends in travel, you don’t have to worry – you can have a local guide.

If you truly want to get to know your destination during your experiential travel, you have to experience it as a local.

Discover where they eat, where they hang out, and what is worth visiting – and what is a waste of money.

With a local insider, you are privy to all of this and more.

This is what truly experiencing your destination is all about.


5. Is It Business or Pleasure? Both!

We’ve seen a trend of adding on some leisure time while traveling for business for quite a while now. And, this trend doesn’t show signs of stopping anytime soon.

After all, what fun is it to travel to different places around the country – or the world – if you can’t actually enjoy them?

Extending a business trip to include some leisure time is exactly what you should be doing.

New destinations are just waiting for you to explore them off the clock. And, since your travel arrangements are already taken care of, there is no excuse.

Dip out of the boardroom and into the local culture.

Discover new places everywhere you go.


Hidden and Experiential Travel Destinations to Visit on a Private Jet - The Early Airway


6. Traveling via Private Jet

Travel doesn’t just involve your arrival at a destination – it also includes getting there. And, recently, traveling via a private jet charter seems to be the way to go.

This is a great way to indulge in an experience that will kick off your travels the right way.

With private jet travel more affordable than ever, you can enjoy:

  • More flexibility
  • A wider range of travel destinations
  • More comfort and privacy on board



Travel is never going to go out of style. And paying for experiences is something that can never be replaced by physical things.

Combine the two and discover how so many are enjoying the benefits of experiential travel time and time again.