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Differences Between a Private Charter and a Commercial Flight

Differences Between a Private Charter and a Commercial Flight | The Early Air Way

If you don’t want to take a commercial flight somewhere, you can take a private jet charter instead, but be prepared for some major differences. Flying on a private jet charter is a lot different than flying commercial.

Checking in
When you have a commercial flight, you show up at the passenger terminal well before your flight lives so you can check in, check your bags if necessary and go through security. This process can take an hour or more, which is why you are told to show up at the airport more than an hour in advance. When you have a private charter, you will go to the general aviation section of the airport rather than the commercial passenger terminal. In some large cities, you may even go to an entirely different airport. You will park right next to the hangar and check in with a personal attendant. No boarding pass is needed and your security check will be quick. You can check your bags or carry them on with you without any hassle.

In most cases with commercial flights, unless you are flying from a large city to a large city, you will have to stop at a hub airport to connect with another flight, which requires you to get off one plane and onto another. When flying a private jet charter, your flight is almost always point to point, and you can fly straight to many smaller cities, as long as they have an airport that can accommodate a jet.

A private jet charter is much more expensive than a commercial flight. Commercial tickets usually cost a few hundred dollars, whereas a private jet charter could cost you a few thousand. Charters usually are priced by the hour, which means the farther you fly, the more it costs.

You have to be sure to weigh these factors and others when you are choosing whether to take a commercial flight or use a private jet charter.


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