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What Device is Best for Travelers?

When you’re planning your next trip, part of the preparations in packing will include deciding what devices you want to take with you. Whether you’re planning to unplug and unwind or need to do some business while you’re away, think about what you need to get done and what devices are absolutely necessary to take with you. Your smartphone can take the place of many other devices, is compact, and can sync up with hundreds of apps. However, your phone’s battery life may not be great, the screen isn’t very big, and websites are not always mobile-friendly. Tablets offer a bigger screen and better battery life, but may not be able to work with all apps. Laptops may be good if you need to get work done, and they are much more powerful than a tablet or phone will be. However, laptops are heavy, pricey, and a real security factor. Unless you really think you need to work on your vacation, you might be best just sticking with your smartphone for your tech needs.

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