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Cruising out of Houston's Bayport Cruise Terminal? Consider Taking a Private Charter Flight

Cruising out of Houston's Bayport Cruise Terminal? Consider Taking a Private Charter Flight  | The Early Air Way

Cruises involve large investments. Most cruise lines require that passengers completely prepay by the time the cruise departs and there is no refund past a certain point usually a month before departure. That is why it is very important to ensure that you will arrive at the cruise port on time.
Although many people take commercial flights to cruise ports this is not the ideal way to travel. Commercial flights often have significant delays resulting in a missed cruise. There are a number of reasons why commercial flights are delayed including mechanical issues, crew issues, overbooking, TSA delays and so on. Recently there was a story in the Daily Mail about a woman who had a temper tantrum when her United Airlines flight was delayed by 12 hours almost resulting in her and her family missing their cruise. Even if the flight is on time your luggage may not arrive by the time the ship leaves. Then you might be stuck wearing the same outfit for your entire cruise. It is best to avoid the chance of your flight being delayed in the first place. So, how can you increase the chances of arriving on time for your cruise? Consider taking a private jet charter. In Houston private jets can fly into a number of different airports many of which are conveniently located to Houston Bayport. Here are more of the benefits of private jet charters.

With private jets you fly when you want. You do not have to adjust your schedule to meet the needs of the airline. In addition private jets do not need the huge runways and employees offered by major airports. As a result they have the advantage of being able to fly out of smaller less crowded airports. You will also save time by not having to go through TSA or long check-in lines. This means that you can fly out the day of your cruise instead of spending time and money on a hotel room when you fly in the day before. In addition you do not have to wait at the baggage claim.
No Limit on Luggage

Most private jet charters have no limits on luggage. You can take as much as you want within reason. This is very important for a cruise. Most cruises are longer some 14 days or more. Many have dress codes and require bringing formal clothing for dinners on board. It can be very difficult and expensive to bring luggage that really needed for a cruise.
Private jet charters are ideal for travel to meet your cruise ship. They offer convenience, comfort and flexibility. In addition many charter companies offer great deals on unused inventory. Sometimes it is even more cost-effective to book a charter flight versus commercial when adding in the costs of baggage and excess fees.