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Crazy Luxury Real Estate Perks

Crazy Luxury Real Estate Perks | The Early Air Way

It turns out that luxury real estate isn’t moving as much recently. New regulations have hampered the usual all-cash anonymous sales that the wealthy prefer, and so new perks have been introduced to entice more sales.


The penthouse suite at Atelier’s condo building has been floating on and off the market, but for $85 million it comes with two Rolls-Royce Phantoms and a yacht to boot. In Miami the Spec Home by Oren Alexander is a small $43 million for the house and a 1948 Jaguar XK120. For a little extra the same home could include a 55-foot yacht as well.


Residents at 432 Park Avenue in New York will be treated to their own luxury restaurant. The place takes up an entire floor and is only open to those who live in the building. It’s chef has won a Michelin star for his work at the restaurant Juni.

Candy Walls

Imagine buying a house and finding $200,000 worth of candy in the walls. Persson’s mansion came well stocked with candy dispensers and counters fully displayed against an entire wall.


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