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Cities to Visit This Fall

Cities to Visit This FallDuring the fall, crowds and travel prices start to drop. The gorgeous fall foliage and crisp fresh air encourage travelers to venture outdoors. Cool weather makes it an ideal time for hiking or biking. Learn why autumn is the perfect time to visit these U.S. cities.


During the fall, the Windy City is awash in lovely autumn colors and the weather is cool and comfortable. Wrap up in a cozy sweater and enjoy the sound of crisp leaves crunching underfoot as you explore the city. There are many festivals that take place during the fall. In September, the World Music Festival features musicians from all over the globe. The Hyde Park Jazz Festival, also in September showcases national and international jazz performers.

Napa Valley

Visiting Napa Valley during fall is an experience that you will not likely forget. Fall is harvest season, which is one of the peak travel seasons for Napa Valley. From late August through November, vineyard workers and winemakers race fervently pick grapes at their prime sugar levels to start making wine. Visitors can enjoy the smell of grapes as they are turned into wine. Families will love the many activities that are available during the harvest season and visitors traveling to the region during the later autumn months are rewarded with breathtaking fall scenery. Because fall is one of the prime travel times, it is best to book your accommodations well in advance.

New York City

New York City is a great place to visit any time of the year, but the best time to visit is the fall. During the fall, daytime temperatures are mild and the leaves on the trees in Central Park turn beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. In the fall, New York City offers plenty of cultural activities to enjoy, including Broadway openings, film festivals and more. If you visit during November, you might be able to catch the New York City Marathon. For a truly enjoyable trip to the Big Apple, consider skipping the long security lines and hassle of taking a commercial flight. Instead look into charter flights, which may actually be cheaper than flying commercial, especially since unused charter flights are often offered at deep discounts.


The beautiful fall foliage in the Smoky Mountains makes fall perhaps the best time to visit Gatlinburg TN. Thanks to warmer temps, the colors are at their peak from mid-October to early November. The gorgeous displays of yellow, orange and red foliage are absolutely breathtaking. In addition, there is definitely not a shortage of fall-friendly activities, such as fishing, river rafting and hiking for visitors to enjoy.


Denver’s foliage takes center stage during the fall months. Travelers enjoy plenty of sunshine and the weather is comfortable. Denver is popular in the autumn not only for its weather but because many of its festivals take place in the fall. Beer lovers will enjoy the Great American Beer Festival, the Denver Beer Fest and Oktoberfest. Many other festivals take place during these months, as well.


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