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When Should You Rent a Boeing Business Jet Charter?

When it comes to chartering a private jet, you’ve got a lot of options – from very light jets to jumbo jets and everything in between. Should you rent a Boeing business jet charter?

Boeing Business Jet Charter - The Early Air Way

If you have ever gone through with renting a charter, then you know what lies ahead.

You need to determine how large of an aircraft you need, the distance you wish to travel, the amenities it can present to you, and so much more. So, if you do this for every flight, then how do you know when you need the big one – the private jet charter that rises above so many others in size and amenities – the Boeing Business Jet 737?

Let’s take a look into the Boeing business jet charter so you can feel confident when booking your next charter.


The Size of a Boeing Business Jet Charter

The size of the BBJ-737 is going to vary based on the model you choose, though they are pretty comparable to one another. And, the design of each particular aircraft will directly determine the number of passengers it will hold.

While the BBJ-737 can hold over 100 passengers, you will usually find them being used for groups between 19 and 60 passengers. This allows for extra space to move about the cabin and a less-restricted atmosphere.

If you want to talk numbers, let’s take a look at what the BBJ brings to the table:

  • Cabin length: 79.17 feet
  • Cabin width: 11.58 feet
  • Cabin height: 7.09 feet


The Distance a BBJ Can Travel

Boeing Business Jets are different from most private jets. Due to the mere size, they are often able to take on further distances in a much easier manner, requiring fewer stops for refueling. Those seeking to travel internationally while basking in comfort, will be impressed with the BBJ-737.

Again, if it is numbers you are seeking, this private jet can travel at distances just over 6,000 miles. But, keep in mind that this is in direct comparison with the amount of weight on board.

Having a large number of passengers on board with a great amount of baggage will definitely cut the travel distance down a bit.


What Sets it Apart from Other Aircraft?

If you are well-traveled, then you know you have a lot of really good options to fly private. So, why choose the Boeing business jet charter? What sets it apart from all the other choices?

The joy that you can find onboard this aircraft is immeasurable. With so many potential amenities, your life will continue just as it is – except you are flying high in the sky! So, whether it is work and business meetings you have to take care of, fun and excitingly social family time you’d like to enjoy, or sleep you would love to catch up on – you can find it (and more) on a BBJ-737.

In fact, there are many design ideas that have been put into play on these jumbo jets. These include:

  • Lounging area with full entertainment systems.
  • Dining facilities complete with a bar.
  • Private staterooms with queen-sized beds.
  • Full-size bathrooms – including a shower.
  • A business center with a boardroom.

Keep in mind that each jet varies from the next in its amenities and designs, so be sure to ask about those are seeking.


Who Would Use a Boeing Business Jet Charter?

Boeing Business Jet charters are available for anyone who is seeking travel on a luxury airliner. Of course, large groups that are traveling internationally may also be found chartering such a jet – for convenience and ability to socialize in a private manner.

But, most often, these jets are often used by those in the elite business class. Providing a large step above first class on commercial airlines, the Boeing Business Jet charters provide a place for business dealings to continue with all the amenities that are provided – and privacy to boot.


A Few of the Most Popular Boeing Business Jets

The Boeing Business Jet 737 comes in various different models. A few of the most popular are the: BBJ 737-200, BBJ 737-400, BBJ 737-700, and BBJ 737-800.

  • BBJ 737-200. This business jet was in production in the 1970s and 1980s. But, don’t let that deter you. This was an incredibly popular jet due to the number of passengers it can transport in a comfortable, private manner. The maximum distance it can travel is 2,300 miles.
  • BBJ 737-400. Built to hold over 150 passengers, there are not too many changes with this private business jet. Comfortably, however, this model can carry about 60 passengers and travel a maximum distance of 2,160 miles.
  • BBJ 737-700. This business jet was created in the late 1990s. It came back stronger and bigger than before. With luxurious comfort, this private jet is able to easily hold 60 passengers and travel nearly 6,000 miles.
  • BBJ 737-800. In the 2,000s, Boeing began rolling out production on this 800 model of its business jet. They have created it to have 25% more interior cabin space than its predecessors and 100% more baggage space. It can comfortably carry 60 passengers and travel a distance of 5,400 miles.


When Should You Fly It?

So, let’s get back to the original question at hand, shall we? When should you fly a Boeing Business Jet Charter?

Well, we could say that anytime is a great time to charter one. However, due to their size and their fuel costs, they are not likely to be the jet of choice for a couple’s long-weekend getaway and such. Instead, perhaps you should choose to fly a Boeing Business Jet chareter when you are traveling with a large group as they have the capacity to handle a great number of people. Sure, commercial travel is always an option in these instances, but they do not provide the amenities and privacy for large groups like you will find on a BBJ. And, did we mention comfort?

Others who have a business to attend to while traveling will also find it beneficial. With the setup and design of this aircraft, life on the ground can continue while in the air. So, business dealings, conferences, and the like can still take place without any inconvenience.

Are you ready to experience life on a Boeing Business Jet charter? What are you waiting for?


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