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Charter Jets on the Rise in Los Angeles

Charter Jets on the Rise in Los Angeles | The Early Air Way's BlogPrivate air travel has enjoyed a boom in business over the last few years, with a particular surge in the popularity of chartered flights. Charter services offer the convenience and speed of private jets without the cost of full-blown ownership. Chartered jet service is particularly popular in larger cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, where avoiding the labyrinth of commercial airline terminals can be of considerable value in itself.

Beat the Rat Race

While the majority of commuting is done on roadways, a great many individuals fly for business purposes as well. The commute is much the same in airports as it is on the road: crowded, frustrating, and sometimes downright confusing. Additional time required for check-in and baggage procedures only further compromises one’s schedule.

Companies and businesspersons who charter jets often choose to do so in part to navigate around the commute chaos. Private jets have the ability to take off from smaller airports, and many are located much more conveniently compared to major terminals. When time is money, this can be an invaluable savings.

Get More Done

Los Angeles is fast-paced. As home to many of the world’s most successful individuals and companies, there is a demand for constant efficiency and productivity. Private air travel will not only save you time throughout your trip, but in most cases offers a much better environment for staying productive.

A chartered jet’s passengers are limited to the single party booking the flight. This reduces chances of interruptions from the general public, and provides a much more comfortable setting to complete work when compared with single seats on commercial airliners.

The Last Word

While L.A. certainly is not the only metropolitan area where private jets are increasingly practical for many people, it is an indicator of the growing popularity of this method of travel. Depending on the plane’s occupancy limits, the size of the group that is traveling, and the timing and destination of the trip, chartered jets are often comparable to the cost of first-class tickets on a commercial airliner. With all these facts taken into account, it just makes sense to consider chartered travel for your business needs.

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