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Charter a Private Jet for Your Santa Barbara Wedding

Charter a Private Jet for Your Santa Barbara Wedding | The Early Air Way

Are you planning a wedding in Santa Barbara, CA? Santa Barbara is a popular wedding destination because of the almost perfect weather. Santa Barbara offers a remarkable mild climate and over 300 days of sunshine a year. Couples flock to this destination to enjoy blue skies and romantic sunsets.
Once you have the rings, dress, and location planned for the ceremony you might be wondering how you will get all of your loved ones to Santa Barbara for the wedding. It is becoming more and more difficult to rely on commercial flights to get to your destination on-time. In addition passengers are packed tightly onto these flights. Many flights are even often overbooked. Your wedding is your special day. You do not want the bridal party to show up exhausted or late. Taking a charter flight will allow the entire bridal party to arrive rested and fresh after being pampered with gourmet meals, champagne and massages. In addition private jets can land at smaller airports that are closer to the wedding destination. These airports are often much easier to get and out of than large international airports. Many times ground transportation can be arranged to meet the jet right on the runway. A private jet is the perfect way to fly your wedding party in style to your Santa Barbara wedding. Here are some reasons why.


No Dreaded Security Lines

Who wants to wait in long security lines on their big day? Flying private saves the wedding party and guests the frustration and stress of going through long security lines. Although the captain of the aircraft has the right to search passengers’ bags there is no intrusive X-ray machine, long line, removal of clothing, shoes, belts or jewelry.

The aircraft will wait if you and your guests are running late. Private jet charters do not require plane changes. Consequently there is no reason to run clear to the other side of the airport to catch your connecting flight. Once you and your guests are on the aircraft, you can relax and choose when to eat and drink.


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