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What Should You Book for Your Private Jet Charter?

What Should You Book for Your Private Jet Charter? | The Early Air Way's BlogA private jet charter is the ultimate expression of luxury, as it allows you to forgo the hustle and bustle of commercial travel in favor of comfort and convenience. Depending on your budget and the size of your party, you have some choices to make about which kind of aircraft best meets your needs. Here are a few of the more popular options for personal travel, including private jet charter options, and what you can expect with each one.

Very Light Jet

These planes might be the smallest of the private jet fleet, but they deliver big value for smaller groups. With comfortable seating for up to four people, this class of aircraft is perfect for a short-range private jet charter. Some models even include amenities like a lavatory, which is uncommon on many smaller airplanes.


Midsize Jet

This next level of aircraft is ideal for a slightly larger group of people. Seating options for up to eight people can include comfortable captain’s chairs and side-facing couches that allow passengers to stretch their legs or take a nap. While all of these planes include lavatories, some of them also have galley facilities and very generous luggage compartments.

Heavy Jet

For larger groups of up to 16 passengers, these planes deliver the ultimate in luxury and convenience as the heavy hitters of the private jet charter fleet. With non-stop ranges of up to 6,700 nautical miles and speeds that approach .87 mach, this class of aircraft is the ideal way to efficiently travel in luxury to any destination in the world. This is the largest airplane available short of chartering your own jumbo jet.


Pick the Right Plane

Now that you have an understanding about the different types of planes, you can make a decision as to which aircraft will best serve your needs. If you are more budget-conscious, a smaller or older airplane allows you the luxury of a private jet charter without breaking the bank. By working with an experienced agent, you will have the best possible combination of luxury and convenience.



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