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Biggest Travel Trends from 2015

Biggest Travel Trends from 2015 | The Early Airway Private Jet Charter

The year 2015 saw some shifts in the travel industry. Here are some of the biggest changes we’ve seen going into 2016.

  1. Revenue Based Frequent Flyer Programs: The major airline companies (United, Delta and American) all moved to rewarding passengers based on the price of their ticket instead of the miles that they flew. This means that frequent fliers aren’t benefitting as much as the people who hand over more money for their trip.
  2. Third Party Fees: Lufthansa outraged their customers by charging them for buying their plane tickets on a third party website.
  3. New Seat Concepts: Zodiac Aerospace created a new seat design that seats passengers facing each other that will increase leg room on cramped commercial flights.
  4. Uber for Business Travelers: Uber has a business platform which lets employees expense their rides to the company. Uber monitors the data and allows businesses to set limits.
  5. Airbnb for Business Travelers: Airbnb followed Uber’s footsteps but for places to stay while on the road. Businesses can put multiple employees in a condo for a meeting and save money.

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