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What Are the Best Holiday Destinations to Explore?

Holiday Destinations - The Early Air Way

Many people get stuck in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. They spend countless hours trying to buy the right gifts, plan the perfect New Year’s Eve celebration, make sure they’ve got enough space to house all their family – and that everyone gets along. Taking time off of work to deal with all that just seems exhausting to others. Perhaps that’s why so many decide to head out of town during this time – whether planned or last minute. They don’t head to see family but instead take off on an adventure.

Exploring new destinations during the holidays can enhance your life and leave you feeling rejuvenated for the new year. If this sounds wonderful to you, then you need to deceive where you are going to go. Below we’ve put together a list of the best holiday destinations to explore.

Getting There

Before you may decide your holiday destination of choice, it is a good idea to decide to confirm how you are going to get there. Hoping to book a commercial flight at the last minute during the holidays can be very costly. And, for what? To sit uncomfortably for hours with your knees and elbows touching the stranger next to you? Not the most exciting thing to do. And, let’s not even forget about the excruciatingly long security lines or waiting at the gate to board the flight.

Combine all of this with the fact that COVID cases spiking around the world,  you take your chance where you have to – and flying commercial just isn’t it. Does that mean you should give up exploring the best holiday destinations? Absolutely not.

Chartering a private jet is the best way to travel this holiday season. You can book your travel last minute, choose when and where you want to travel (rather than have the airlines give you a list of pre-planned fights), be very comfortable at all stages of your flight – and feel safe from COVID germs!

What more can you ask for on a holiday trip? Book your private flight to one of these magnificent destinations:

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a city that takes a beating all throughout hurricane seasons and then booms on the holidays. There is so much to do here – especially when it comes to indulging in food, drinks, and live music.

There are unique, locally-owned boutique shops and galleries, restaurants, walking tours, and so much more. The rich history here is one that will get you exploring and experiencing all that you can. You are sure to leave with respect for the strength and diversity of this cajun community.

Kingston, Jamaica

Want to be the envy of all your friends? All you have to do is tell them that you are spending your holidays in the Caribbean islands while they freeze! For years, Kingston has had a reputation for not being the safest place for tourists. But, that’s changing.

Jamaica and its days of sunshine and bright turquoise waters can be just the type of adventure you are looking for. After all,  you can explore both in the water and out! Learn about the Rastafarian culture, hike the Blue Mountains, dance to the steel drums, and more.

By the time you head home from Jamaica, you are going to be sun-drenched, refreshed, and feeling rejuvenated.


We all have friends and family who travel and tell us about their trips. But, have you ever had anyone come home from vacation and tell you all about their trip to Serbia? It doesn’t happen very often, does it? So, what does that mean for you? It means that you have so much to explore that you haven’t already heard about indirectly from someone else.

Serbia is rich in history, but it is not stuck there. You will find your days full while exploring the mountains, taking a bicycle tour, visiting the Studenica Monastery, and countless other adventures. Serbia, the birthplace of Roman emperors and biggest raspberry exporter, is sure to fulfill your urge to get out and explore.

Bend, Oregon

Coming back closer to home, Bend, OR, is an out-of-the-way town that is starting to blossom. Slowly becoming home to more and more artists and other creatives, Bend is putting itself on the map.

This area has long been home to many makers of craft beers, making a drink with a little live music the perfect weekend outing. Plus, being in the mountains, skiing has always been their thing. The winds of change are making their way in now, though. There are breweries, new wineries, restaurants, shops, galleries, and more that are making their way into this town. Plus, it is not too far at all from some incredible biking and hiking in the area.

You don’t have to leave the U.S. to feel like you’ve disappeared into a new area.

Beijing, China

Can anyone say, Winter Olympics? The games kick off in February 2022 in Beijing. And, that means now is the time to explore the entire Beijing area. From skyscrapers that look like they are out of this world to impeccable gardens and natural areas for exploring, including natural areas and mountains.

Let your inner adventurer begin exploring. Go rafting or skiing, check out the natural hot springs, hike The Great Wall, and take a moment in the temples.

Tourism is sure to peak here as we get closer to the Olympic games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore and find your own adventure.

Booking Your Private Travel

Material things can only go so far with us in life, but the memories and experiences we get from traveling all around the world can last a lifetime. As you make your decision about traveling – and try to find the best holiday destinations to explore – why not give one of these places a try? Or find your own. The point is to be safe, have fun, and be sure to book a private jet so you can take advantage of all the perks.

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