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Beating Jet Lag With Science

Beating Jet Lag With Science | The Early Air Way's BlogNo traveler ever looks forward to experiencing jet lag as a result of a long period of travel. It can be incredibly challenging to adjust to a new time zone and flights can leave you exhausted or wide awake. However, with science determining what exactly causes jet lag, we now have the tools to prevent it from happening – or at least mitigating the outcome.

Before you leave, start waking up an hour earlier each day if you are traveling east. If you are traveling west, do the reverse, if possible. When you are on the plane, reset your watch to the local time of your destination. Control the sunlight on the plane by pulling the shade, wearing a face mask, or sitting on the shadow side of the plane. Try to sleep on a normal schedule, stay hydrated, and keep yourself busy when you should be awake.

Upon arrival, try to get as much sunlight as possible when you are trying to stay awake; if you are trying to sleep, avoid it. Do your best to fight any symptoms by adjusting to the new schedule as best you can.

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