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Always Travel Coach? Take A Second Look At Flying Private

Always Travel Coach? Take A Second Look At Flying Private | The Early Air Way

When you need to travel, the first thing that comes to mind is booking a reservation with an airline. You try to find the best seat on the plane and hope that the person sitting next to you turns out to be someone who doesn’t make you want to jump out of the plane. For your next trip, consider a different approach to flying. There’s a lot to be said for booking a private jet charter and winging your way to the intended destination. Here are some of the more important points you should keep in mind.

Flying on Your Time Table

With commercial flights, you are limited in terms of when you can leave and when you can return home. If you’re lucky, it’s possible to book a flight that doesn’t involve multiple layovers and frequent connections that leave you with little time to catch your breath. You also hope and pray that one of your connections isn’t delayed long enough that you miss the next connection and end up spending several hours waiting for the next flight out.

All of the guesswork goes out the window when you choose to charter a private jet. The flight will leave at whatever time you choose. Checking in is not any big deal, and you can board the jet quickly and begin to settle in. Depending on the distance you need to travel, there will be no need to change planes along the way. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

More Room 

Many private jets are designed to accommodate a limited number of clients at a time. Perhaps you are taking the family for a vacation. All told, there will be eight people on the flight. The jet you choose accommodates ten, so there is some extra room to relax.

That additional room involves more than a couple of extra seats. The layout could include tables that make it easy to do some work, play games on a laptop, or enjoy board or card games during the flight. Taller members of the family will love the ability to stretch out and take a nap in one of the reclining seats. Try doing any of these activities on a typical airline flight.

Food That’s to Your Taste

Airline food has been fodder for jokes over the years and with some justification. At best, the odds of ending up with something you really like are not that high. With a private jet charter, you get to choose the food that’s stocked in the galley ahead of time.

The fact that you have control of the menu is more than a convenience. Perhaps you or a member of your family has certain food allergies or needs to follow a particular type of diet in order to manage a chronic condition. With a little planning, you can ensure the meals are low in carbohydrates, ideal for people watching their cholesterol levels, or happy to be gluten free.

Landing Closer to Your Destination

You may not realize it, but there are a number of airports that can only accommodate smaller planes. That means taking a commercial flight could mean having to debark and switch to a puddle jumper in order to get where you want to go. Those smaller airports are often prime landing places for private jets, especially the ones that are designed to carry less than fifty passengers. If your destination happens to be Sarasota, FL, the closest you will get with a larger flight is Tampa. With a private jet, you get to sit back and fly directly into Sarasota.

Traveling Just for Two

Did you know there are private jet charters that will accommodate two people as easily as a dozen? Think of what that could mean when you want to plan a trip for you and that special someone. It’s easy enough to arrange for long-stem roses to be arranged to perfection in the cabin. The galley can include something chilled for the two of you to enjoy, and the crew will make sure they are discreetly out of sight and out of mind. This type of setting is ideal for a romantic getaway whether it involves flying to a destination that has significance to you and your beloved, or going to dinner at a restaurant located on the other side of the country.

More Cost Effective Than You Think

The cost of flying on a private jet is more affordable than many people realize. When the overall cost is broken down per person, it is often competitive with the expense of purchasing a ticket from a commercial airline.

Above and beyond the flight cost, there is the time savings you enjoy as a result of being able to get where you are going sooner rather than later. Private charter companies do their best to be flexible when it comes to scheduling outbound flights. That means you can call them around lunchtime and leave for your destination right after work.

When the plan is to be in a customer’s office first thing in the morning, you don’t want to run the risk of being late. A commercial flight may or may not have you in town soon enough to freshen up and be ready to talk about whatever is on the customer’s mind. By choosing to fly out on a private jet today, you have time to get to the hotel, prepare for the upcoming meeting, get plenty of sleep, and be at your best when you sit down with the client. The fact that you are prepared and on time will go a long way toward maintaining the relationship and keeping the company cash flow healthy.

Private jets are not just for business use. Couples, families, or even friends who are going on a group vacation should consider this travel option seriously. After learning more about the expense and comparing the cost with the perks, it won’t be hard to make the right decision.