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Aircraft Management Handles the Details of Private Aircraft Ownership | The Early Air Way's BlogThere are many reasons why people may choose to purchase a private aircraft, but managing every operation from regular safety checks to compliance with international travel requirements does not usually top the list. These details and more must be handled, however. An aircraft management program may be just the solution. A comprehensive program relieves owners of the day-to-day responsibilities of flight operation so that they may concentrate on why they are traveling in the first place.

The Benefits of Ownership

One of the advantages of private jet ownership is the freedom to fly at any time. Aircraft management frees the traveler to focus on business or enjoy an adventure without the need to attend to all pieces that must be in place to make flight possible. The purpose of putting a program in place is to secure a system by which the aircraft is ready and in shape whenever it is needed. Some areas that management programs address are:

  • Protection of privacy. Discrete travel may be an important issue for many private jet owners.
  • Overseeing of flight operations and crew activities.
  • Hiring and training of flight crew.
  • Organization of domestic and international flight requirements.

Consistent Maintenance and Peace of Mind

Aircraft maintenance is an ongoing process. Management programs employ regular schedules to keep private jets in readiness at all times. Risk management may play an important part of the picture. Implementing the latest specialty emergency training helps to make sure every flight is a safe one.

Financial Strategies

Employing aircraft management may boost an owner’s bottom line. Financial gain may come as income or as savings. A company may leverage a jet’s downtime by allowing the aircraft to be used for charter. This may not only offset operational costs, it may provide a reasonable profit as well. Other management-associated values are fuel contracts and locally-sourced maintenance agreements. Companies may purchase fuel at wholesale prices, and they may also be able to arrange for service and maintenance at a discounted rate. In the end, a management company allows aircraft owners to sit back and enjoy the flight.

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