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8 Reasons to Get Your Private Pilots License

Private Pilots License | The Early Airway

Maybe you fly often or maybe you don’t fly at all. But, have you ever considered being the one doing the flying? You know, the actual flying. Yes, you – the pilot. With these 8 reasons to get your private pilots license, you may just start considering this more.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to become a pilot, from meeting new people to traveling the world. But, besides the personal reasons for doing so, obtaining your private pilots license can also make a lot of business sense.

If you are on the fence about the time and effort that it takes to obtain your private pilots license, or you still don’t think you need one, we’ve got the reasons why you do.


1. See things from a new perspective. Literally.

There is, undoubtedly, few things more spectacular than viewing the world from up in the sky. One of those things would be viewing it from the pilot’s seat. Imagine it – you with the whole world below you.

Flying throughout life you may have never even considered that it was possible for you to be the run flying the aircraft, but it is possible.

Besides, flying through the sky on your own is a great way to clear your mind. In fact, it is like an instant mini-vacation.


2. Get to where you need to be faster.

It does not matter whether it is your mother’s birthday, your daughter’s wedding, or your company’s important meeting. If you have your private pilots license, you will be able to get there faster.

Think about it: would you rather eight hours in the car? Five hours flying commercially (thanks to the airport regulations, security, etc.)? Or, an hour in your own private jet?

With your own pilot’s license, you can simply pull up to the airport. Park your car. And, go.


3. Make money with your downtime.

If you have your own jet, you may or may not be able to fly a charter for others. This will depend greatly on your pilot’s certification.

But, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t fly your jet as a charter – allowing you to reap the benefits of the extra cash.

What good is your jet if it is just going to be parked in (or out of) the hangar? Don’t let your money sit there and waste away.

Instead, consider opening up your jet to those looking for charters for short or long distances. This is a surefire way to help you offset the costs of owning the jet, as well.


4. Impress your business associates.

You know that business travel is becoming more popular. Meetings and interactions can now take place on private jets. For many in the corporate world, this is a way to give an impressive gesture to a business associate, colleague, or potential client.

But, what if it were your own jet? Very impressive.

It is not every day that you meet a pilot. And, to be a professional – and a pilot? Not common at all. However, it is a great way to show your out of town or out of state clients that you mean serious business.

In other words, if they need you, you will be there – as fast as your jet can get you there. It can be reassuring and beneficial all the way around.


5. Keep your mind active.

As you age, your mind starts to drift a bit. That is unless you keep it active. It is important to challenge yourself – and your mind – whenever you can. Learning to fly and doing all you need to for your private pilots license does just that.

You will access all that math you used in school (that you thought you would never need). You will learn new gadgets. You will learn how to operate the aircraft. You will learn how to read and create flight logs. You will learn a new lingo. You will learn problem-solving techniques and emergency responses.

There is so much to this hobby – and it can be very healthy and beneficial to you.


6. Be a part of something special.

Were you in a sorority or fraternity in college? Have you ever been a part of a team? If so, then you know what it feels like to be a piece of something bigger – and to be surrounded by those who understand you and have a common interest as you.

That is what happens when you become a pilot.

Pilot’s work hard to obtain their license. And, because it is such a rare occurrence, becoming a pilot puts you in a privileged category. Not everyone knows what it is like to control an aircraft from the pilot’s seat. But, you and your new-found friends do.


7. A private pilots license is a stepping stone for bigger things.

Whether or not you have ever considered flying commercial aircraft is not necessarily important. However, if you have obtained your private pilots license, then you have opened the door to this opportunity.

You can proceed with your training at any time. And, one day, you may decide to supplement your income by flying chartered jets in your spare time. And, perhaps you’d take it over as your full-time job, staying in the air as much as possible. Or, you may decide to take it even further by becoming a licensed commercial pilot. You could travel bigger aircraft to more distant locations.

The choice is yours, of course. But, just know that getting your private pilots license acts as a stepping stone for bigger things.


8. Relax.

Some people go to the spa. Others go to the beach. And, you go into the sky. While you have to remain focused and be diligent in your flying, doing so also provides you with an opportunity to relax. When you are in the sky – you are out of touch with those on the ground. You can shut down work emails, telephone calls, text messages, and so much more.

What a perfect way to discover forced relaxation.

A private pilots license is a great hobby – with a ton of benefits. Get flying!