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6 Travel Trends to Look Out for in 2018

2018 Travel Trends to Look Out for | The Early Airway

There are many ideas for 2018 travel trends. Some believe that families will be taking things back in time and spending vacations road-tripping to national parks and other various domestic destinations. Others believe that it is becoming popular to have a two-for-one when you book your travel. In other words, you hit two destinations, rather than one – even if you only have a brief time to visit. And, let’s not miss the addition of sky nannies who will watch after your children on long flights abroad.

However you want to look at it, travel trends are changing – and 2018 is no exception. We’ve put together a list of the most common and popular travel trends that you will see this year.

Luxury Travel and Chartered Flights Increase in Popularity | The Early Airway

Luxury it is.

It appears that travelers are beginning to move back toward luxuries when it comes to new travel trends. Perhaps we are entering a self-deserving phase, or we are realizing just how nice it is to be treated at times. Whatever the reason, luxuries are making a comeback.

Chartering a flight is one of those such luxuries. This is becoming more and more affordable and becoming a preferred way of travel for many. Enjoy traveling to and from your destination without having to set foot on a commercial airline. Instead, enjoy all the comforts of private jets. For example, more freedom with timing, more privacy aboard the jet, less hassle with security and thousands of other travelers, and an ability to get closer to your destination (as there are many airports large, commercial airliners cannot access).

Wellness Retreats and Trips Become Popular | The Early Airway

Wellness trips will become more popular.

Ever heard of a wellness trip? Imagining truly believing that your mind and body need a break. Whether it is after a stressful time in your life or it is just your normal vacation from work and daily life – you decide you need a break. These trips include everything to refresh and rejuvenate you.

There are retreats dedicated specifically to the wellness of the body and mind. Or, there are exotic destinations that provide quiet time for reflecting, meditating, or just relaxing. Spa services, healthy foods and beverages, and a slow dip into natural mineral springs. These are the things that wellness trips are made of.

Hotels Gain More Competition With Airbnb | The Early Airway

Hotel habits are changing.

Hotels have never really had a competitor – except each other. That is, until now. With VRBO and Airbnb becoming so popular among today’s travelers, hotels are starting to have to find new ways to entice you to stay at their establishment.

The trending idea for many of these hotels is offering perks. With providing you more bang for your buck so-to-speak, they can increase their occupancy rate. So, what perks are hotels looking to dish out to win customers back? Here is a couple:

  • Providing a community center. This allows guests to mingle, do laundry, sip on fresh coffee, get some work done, etc. No private, fancy business center, no high-priced coffee bar.
  • Going digital. Making the check-in process and other things more digital and consumer-friendly, rather than standing in line and dealing with horrendous check-in processes.
  • Personalized interactions at destination travel locations. For those who are traveling for work, human interaction may be more of a distraction. However, those traveling to gain new experiences seek this personal interaction. This is something you are more likely to gain staying in Airbnb, rather than in a hotel. 2018 will likely bring on the hotel change of adding additional human interaction at their locations.

People Spend More on Experiences Rather Than Material Items | The Early Airway

Experience trips.

It is likely due to millennials or the concept of minimalism, but there is a trend forming in obtaining less stuff and gaining more experience. More people are spending more money on experiences instead of purchase big-ticket items. It’s a trend that seems to be growing a little more this year – and 2018 is no exception!

As travelers seek out these adventures, many popular travel destinations are beginning to advertise these adventures to increase their tourism. Even places that haven’t ever been a huge destination for tourists are rising on the list (such as Zimbabwe). Some of the most commonly sought traveler experiences are:

  • Volunteering and vacationing. Travelers seek opportunities that allow them a vacation in a faraway place while also giving back and helping others.
  • Adrenaline rushes are often sought, as well. These can include things such as swimming with sharks or gators, going on a wild safari, or venturing deep into parts unknown.
  • Unplugging and experiencing what life was life before all our modern-day comforts. Leaving the world as we know it to vacation with more simple life routines.

Any vacation that can provide an experience and a boatload of memories is what is on the list of new travel trends for 2018.

Glamorous + Camping = Glamping.

Glamping Gains Popularity | The Early Airway

Speaking of experiences, glamping is just that. Not everyone finds themselves enjoying the outdoors, no matter how great the idea sounds. Camping is a chance to unwind, spend time with nature, unplug from electronics, and explore. It also means there is no internet, no refrigerator, and a guaranteed bug encounter.

For those that like the idea, but aren’t too interested in roughing it, there is glamping. This is an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and sleep outside, while also being able to stay connected and have many other comforts that come with modern day life.

Glamping is taking off and trending as a go-to experience for many travelers. Glamping campsites are actually becoming more common – meaning all you have to do is show up and enjoy, as everything else has been taken care of for you!

Instagram Butler

Destinations Cater Towards "Instagram-Friendly" Spots | The Early Airway

Walk along Instagram Trails with Instagram Butlers. Have you heard of such a thing? In the Maldives, a resort has already started doing this. It’s a trail that leads you to the hottest and most photo-worthy spots on the island. Then, the Instagram Butler (who knows his or her way around social media) assists you in taking the perfect photos.

As you make your way through 2018, try some of the newest travel trends. Book yourself a chartered flight to a destination with an adventure you won’t forget. After all, it’s the thing to do this year.