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6 Destinations to Visit on a Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter | The Early Airway

Think of it now. Just imagine, if you will, the draw of jetting off around the world on your very own private jet charter. Traveling around-the-world is not a new idea. Adventurers have been doing it for centuries, backpackers for decades. However, these types of travels are not for everyone. Travel can be hard with exhaustive airport connections, visa snafus, and the confusion of new cultures and currencies. Enter the idea of an around-the-world tour by private jet charter.

Private jet charter is less pricey than you might think. While it certainly  isn’t comparable to coach class on a commercial airline, when you factor in the savings in time alone, the decision is a no-brainer. The big question is where to go?

Here are six top destination suggestions for the trip of a lifetime while traveling on a private jet charter.


1. Europe

Europe | The Early Airway

Paris is often touted as the most romantic city in the world, but our vote is for Florence. This historic, stunning city simply oozes charm. Italy has long been known for her riches, whether that be the medieval architecture, the delicious food and wine, or the ever stylish Italian residents. Founded by Julius Caesar in 59BC, history is all around you as you stroll the cobble stoned streets.

This city is simply made for walking and you will be riveted by the overwhelming beauty as you find little-known Michelangelo around every corner. Locals require their food follow the holy trinity of local, seasonal and sustainable, and your taste buds will thank them for it. This is the year to experience La Dolce Vita up close and personal. If you are looking to continue your trip in luxury, Europe offers plenty of luxurious hotels to stay in.


2. Africa

Cape Town Africa | The Early Airway

Next up, lets head to the birthplace of civilization, Africa. South Africa is generally on most bucket lists and it does not disappoint. Cape Town may soon become your favorite destination, world-renowned for the dramatic setting at the confluence of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Table Mountain rising majestically in the background. The Victoria & Alfred waterfront is well worth a few hours of your time before heading to the District Six museum to learn more about the cities origins.

Multiple day trips exist to the Cape of Good Hope, wine country at Stellenbosch, and Camps Bay. The Indian influence is readily apparent in the unique Cape Malay cuisine, an intoxicating mix of Indian and African dishes. Cape Town will be hard to leave, but it is time to continue on our journey.


3. Southeast Asia

Time for a bit of Asian influence. Bangkok has long been the hotspot of  Southeast Asia but how about you head to the exotic city of Siem Reap in Cambodia. This small city has great backwaters charm and is hugely popular for it’s delicious Cambodian fare, inexpensive living, and the massive set of ruins collectively known as Angkor Wat. In truth, Angkor Wat is just one of the extensive temple structures in the nearly 500 acre area, one of the largest religious monuments ever constructed.

Days can easily be spent exploring the temples, all in various degree of decline, but there is more to see than just ruins.

Cambodian cuisine is not just like Thai or Vietnamese and a food tour is a great option. To learn more about the country’s recent, troubled past, visit the Cambodian Landmine Museum and Relief Facility begun by a former child soldier who returned home to defuse some of the very landmines he planted, and get to know the locals even more by visiting some of their floating villages on Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in SE Asia.


4. New Zealand

New Zealand | The Early Airway

Yes, Australia is a more popular tourist spot, but our pick for visiting the land down under is to move to more remote New Zealand. This small island nation has more treasures to show travelers than you can imagine from the rich Maori tribal culture, to world-class food and wine, to penguins, New Zealand will leave you wanting more.

One favorite, a visit to the far South Island to see the Blue Penguin Colony at Omaru. Visitors gather before sunset to sit quietly on bleachers, waiting for the penguins to come in from a day of fishing. As the time draws near the partner left at home emerges from the nest to greet their mate with a happy dance that is unparalleled.

Bungy jump in Queenstown, sail Milford Sound, or go Heli-hiking at Franz Josef. New Zealand is for adventurers, foodies, and anyone looking to experience so much in such a small nation.


5. South America

Continue your round-the-world journey as you keep south and head for South America with Peru on the agenda. This country offers up far more history than can be fully appreciated on just one holiday, but why not give it a try. Obviously, the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu are high on every visitors list. Set high in the Andes, this 15th century Inca city was “discovered” in 1911 and has seen masses of tourists ever since. Even if avoiding crowds is your ideal, you must make an exception for this masterpiece.

However, beyond Machu Picchu, Peru has much to offer and a further excursion into the Sacred Valley to help women rise up from poverty at the Community Weaving Project is well worth your time. Not only do your dollars go for real good, but the stunning crafts produced are stunning and well made. The gateway town of Cusco is, itself,  a great stop but perhaps you may want to head into Lima to experience some of the best food in the world. A walking food tour combines the ability to explore the city and eat amazing cuisine.


6. North America

Canada | The Early Airway

It would be simple enough to simply head back to your home state, confident that you have experienced a once-in-a-lifetime trip. But why not end on a high note by checking out a new destination closer to home. Perhaps head to Oaxaca, Mexico and find a favorite mole sauce. Or maybe go north to Toronto, Canada, a more clean-cut version of New York complete with towering skyscrapers and various bohemian districts.

Life is too short to not fully embrace all this world has to offer. Make this year YOUR year to take a trip worth remembering on a private jet charter around the world.