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5 Types of People Who Fly on Private Jets

Private jets are commonly flown by business executives, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, and government officials. These travelers prioritize privacy, convenience, and time efficiency. Private jet flights are often used for business trips, luxury vacations, and urgent travel needs, providing a tailored and exclusive flying experience.

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Private jets. Those two words seem impossible to comprehend for most travelers. They sound fancy, privileged, and expensive. And for a long time they did only apply to those portrayed by Robin Leach on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or celebrities such as Tom Cruise or John Travolta. Times, they are a changing. Although vast majorities will never get to experience the delight of traveling by private jets, with more and more jet charter companies offering up individual seats and discounted rates on “dead leg” flights the skies are opening up for more diversity in this industry.

The convenience, comfort, and flexibility of traveling by private jets is well documented. The amazing ability to avoid the endless frustration, lines, and security of commercial air traffic is fully admired and dreamed of for every weary soul currently experiencing any major airport around the world. They stand in line after line, perhaps asking themselves “just what type of person flies on private jets? Here is the answer.

1. Celebrities

We all want to be them right? We view their lives from afar dreaming of having wealth and power and beauty…and private jets. Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Jay-Z & Beyoncé, Oprah, Harrison Ford, and Tiger Woods to name just a few. Some of the more adventurous celebs, such as John Travolta, Jimmy Buffet, and Kurt Russell even pilot their own jets putting them into the super-elite category of celebrity. Although seen as a status symbol, and often poo-poo’d as extreme consumerism, some of these stars to travel frequently and widely for their careers and having their own planes makes their lifestyle significantly speedier.


2. Athletes

No surprise, a bevy of famous and wealthy athletes also own their own planes. National sports teams, whether it be the NFL, NBA, or NHL tend to travel on private jets that the teams charter with. Obviously, when playing back to back games on different sides of the country, or the world, it is much more efficient and time-effective to travel privately. A random few, such as the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat, actually own their own jets, but as a whole chartered jets are business as usual. Many individual athletes, however, also own their own planes. Some notable examples are Magic Johnson, soccer great David Beckham, golfer Sergio Garcia, baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Arnold Schwarzenegger may be better known as The Terminator, but remember as a 7-time Mr. Olympia, he also falls into the athlete field. Perhaps most noteworthy of all is boxer Floyd Mayweather who owns not one, but TWO Gulfstreams.


3. Celebrations

Private Jet Celebration | The Early Airway

Some celebrations and milestones require going big. And we mean really big. What better way to express gratitude for an anniversary, birthday, honeymoon, or nearly any other big day, than to rent a private jet? With prices for dead leg flights and shorter hops becoming more and more reasonable, larger than ever numbers of travelers are taking advantage of a rare opportunity. Perhaps you wish to sweep your partner of 50 years off their feet with a romantic trip to Paris, the city of light, or on a wine tasting weekend in California’s Napa Valley. What better start than to whisk them off to a small airfield to board a private jet to your intended destination. Not only will the vacation be memorable, the mode of transportation will be beyond compare. Maybe it’s a big birthday or a special honeymoon option. Flying private adds privacy and intimacy to an already special day.


4. Business Passengers

Business Passengers | The Early Airway

After celebrities, most people equate private jet travel with business people. This segment of consumer is, perhaps, those most frequently using the services of a private jet. Busy business owners may need to travel frequently between a varieties of locations, often while conducting business aboard the flight. Another frequent use is by investors and business people who may serve on the boards of several companies and might need to regularly be in diverse locations in a short period of time. Some physicians are licensed to practice in multiple states and the use of private jets greatly aids in them being able to treat as many patients in various locations as possible. Even manufacturing companies get in on the act by using private jet services to get parts to customers when time is of the essence. Many characteristics to jet travel, such as privacy, time savings, and flexibility lend themselves perfectly to the fast paced business world.


5. YOU


You owe it to yourself to make this the year you dream big, and do bigger. Never before has the idea of private jet travel been as reasonable or accessible as it is now. There certainly is something to celebrate this year whether that something be a big promotion, a celebratory anniversary, a milestone birthday. This year check one off your bucket list and fly away to a dream vacation. Why not check more than one item off your bucket list? How about combining a special occasion with a trip to a new destination? There are the always popular options of Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe, but maybe try out the lesser visited countries gaining popularity such as Honduras, Croatia, or Cambodia?

Wherever your 2017 travel plans take you, consider getting their on a private jet charter. A bit of research and you will see that the flight costs are not as great as you might imagine, and the comfort and flexibility you gain are priceless. Avoid the dreaded lines and waits at airports while sitting for hours to board your crowded commercial flight, and instead fly away with ease. Never again fear you will lose your bags, or miss your flight. Hate connecting flights and changing planes in unfamiliar airports? Depending upon where your holiday takes you a nonstop flight is a very good option.



In short, now is the time to join the likes of celebrities and sports stars and businessman.  Now is your time to take a trip of a lifetime on a private jet.


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