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5 Countries To Visit This Spring | The Early Air Way's Blog

Springtime is finally here and opens up a wide array of travel options for you this season. Spring can be a wonderful time to travel, as it provides better weather without the crazy busyness of the summer season. With everything in bloom and the sun finally returning, these countries are beautiful options to visit in the next few months.

  • Japan: Japanese cherry blossom trees will be in full bloom from March through April.
  • Uzbekistan: Enjoy great weather, hospitality, and culture, as well as a great landscape for a photography project.
  • Jordan: Jordan is full of colorful landscapes and stunning topography.
  • Argentina: See the killer whales around Peninsula Valdes, mild temperatures, and a less crowded Patagonia.
  • Morocco: Spring is a great time to see Morocco before the heat sets in but after the winter cold.

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