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20 Things Not To Put In Checked Luggage

20 Things Not To Put In Checked Luggage | The Early Air Way's BlogWhen it comes to traveling and packing, you want to ensure the safety of your most important items. The following 20 items are not suitable for checked baggage and most airlines will not claim liability for these items if lost or stolen:

Cash/currency; negotiable papers; securities; business contracts/documents; jewelry/watches; cameras and equipment; electronic equipment; computers; binoculars, optical devices; silverware; precious metals/stones; art objects/sculptures; historical artifacts; original manuscripts; irreplaceable books/collectibles; antiques/heirlooms; keys; sales samples; medications; furs; game antlers/pelts

What should you do instead of checking these items in your luggage? Either keep them in your carry-on, investigate other methods of shipping, or contact the airline to understand how to decalre the value of your items and whether they will be covered or not.

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