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10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Jet Charter Flights

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Jet Charter Flights | The Early Airway

Ah, the lovely luxury of private jet charter flights. Is there anything lovelier? Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or some combination of reasons, chartering a flight beats flying hands-down, even when you consider first-class. Oversize, comfortable seating, no crying babies, champagne upon request, your choice of movies or music – what’s not to love?

If you’re already flying charter, this is likely telling you what you already know – but what about what you don’t know? As it turns out, the private jet charter industry is pretty interesting from the background, too. Learn more about the flights you love with this top 10 list of weird and interesting facts about jet charter flights!

Jet Charter Flights Aren’t Just for the Rich

Think flying charter is just for the affluent? Think again! Statistics show it’s quickly becoming an affordable and accessible alternative to commercial flights. Fly “empty leg jet charters” (empty return flights) and you could end up paying less for charter than you would on a standard flight.

Celebrities Own the Jets (Sometimes)

Okay – this isn’t always the case, but it does happen frequently in the industry. Celebrities (including Oprah) and/or very affluent individuals who own jets often charter them out when not in use because it effectively pays for the jet’s operation. It’s a win-win; the individual gets free flights, and you get easy access to customizable options for jet charter flights.

How can you tell if your airplane is owned by a celebrity? In a word, you can’t. Most celebrities who do this hide the evidence to avoid public attention.

It Isn’t Always Just Jets

Most jet airline companies also keep a fleet (or at least a selection) of smaller airplanes on the roster, too. Want to take that vacation to a remote fishing village in northern Canada? If it’s fly-in anyway, your private jet charter company can probably get you there in a smaller plane. Craving a destination that only has four-seater fly-in access? Your island vacation dreams could come true – all you need to do is ask.

Private Jet to the Super Bowl | The Early Airway

The Super Bowl = More Private Jets

As it turns out, Americans apparently love charter jet flights and the Super Bowl at the same time. According to Forbes, more people utilize private charter jets during the event than any other time of year. This includes both individuals flying in to watch and privatized player flights for athletes.

The U.S. LOVES Charter Jets

America loves to fly jet charter flights (and own charter planes) – so much so that it makes up for approximately 49.7 percent of the entire world market. This includes purely private ownership and privatized airlines as well as charter subdivisions from major airlines. Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin and South America, Africa, and the Middle East come in next (in that order).

Empty? How Tragic!

Luxury Travel Magazine reports that nearly 40 percent of all private jet charter flights fly empty (known as empty leg, as mentioned above).  That’s a lot of luxury going unused! It’s also why many charter companies sell empty leg flights more cheaply, making it completely accessible for couples and groups of friends jetting off for adventure. I hear a comfy flight and a tall glass of bubbly calling your name…

Pets Fly in Cabin (Usually)

Have a look at the news as it relates to pets flying in cargo on commercial airlines and it’s easy to become terrified to ever fly with a pet again. Pets get lost, overheated, injured, dropped, or even lose their lives due to mishandling; not something any pet lover wants for their beloved companion. On private jet charter flights, your pet almost always flies in with you unless there’s a special circumstance preventing it. Much less stressful for high-anxiety friends!

Cat Flying On Airplane | The Early Airway

Jets are Expensive (To Own)

Considering getting into the charter business yourself? You may change your mind after you hear these numbers. The average jet costs owners somewhere between $3 million to $90 million dollars to purchase. Jet fuel is expensive, too – right now, it’s averaging about $5.21 per gallon, but it’s cheaper on the U.S. interior than on the coasts. Much easier to just relax on someone else’s airplane!

Customizable Flying Options

When you fly private jet charter flights, you have the ability to make special requests before you fly. You might ask for sparkling water, hot towels for around your neck, or even a massage therapist who can fly with you and rub your feet after that long conference. If it’s possible to accommodate you, the airline really will attempt to go the extra mile. Nearly every private jet charter flight service offers the ability to customize!

Charter Flyers Make Weird Requests

Thinking about making a request, but aren’t sure if it’s too weird? Fear not: you are not alone. Others before you have made even weirder requests, including a flight for a single parrot (and no humans), a cabin crew who could dance, stuffed monkey decorations, and even a hired firefighter to accommodate a woman’s 50 birthday candles onboard. It’s all about making your luxury travel dreams come true!