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How to Find the Best Corporate Jets for Your Company

When it comes to choosing the best corporate jets for your company, there are a lot of options. Here’s what to consider.

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Corporate jets vary in size, speed, travel distance capabilities, and so forth.

Not to mention that some offer added perks, such as more luxurious accommodations, extra space, in-flight connectivity and more.

In addition, some are more luxurious than others, offering more or fewer perks depending on your need.

So, before you can begin determining the best business jet for your company, you must discover what it is you are seeking.

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing your ideal corporate jets.


The Size of the Jet Matters

When it comes to choosing the business jet type that works best for your needs, the size of the jet matters.

Each size of jet comes with its new set of abilities, including the distance that it can travel without refueling, how many passengers can safely fly, how much luggage it can hold, and even whether there is an actual restroom or not.

1. Very Light Jets

Very light jets are small. One of the smallest options in the business jet category, actually. They usually hold between 4 and 6 passengers.

The luxury and amenities found on larger jets are not often found in very light jets. And, this includes lavatories. However, they are great for short distance and small airports/runways.

2. Light Jets

If you are looking for seating for 5 to 6 individuals without too many luxury amenities, this could be a possibility. It can travel decent distances, approx. 1,500 before fueling.

3. Midsize Jets

Midsize jets typically hold between 5 and 10 passengers. You can almost count on having a private lavatory.

And, there is definitely space to handle business in the sky. Midsize jets are small enough to land at tiny airports but large enough to travel across the country.

4. Super Mids

Super mids are larger than midsize, hence their name. They often have seating for about 8 to 10 passengers.

They can travel longer distances and tend to come with more comfortable, luxury amenities.

5. Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are, well heavy. They are high-class, top-of-the-line comfort in air travel. Seating up to 18 passengers, you will find many amenities here.

Plus, heavy jets can travel great distances, over 6,000 miles, in fact.

Do you notice the size of the jet that may meet your business travel needs?


How Do You Plan to Utilize the Aircraft While Onboard?

It may sound like a silly question, but really – what do you intend to do while on board?

If you are simply in need of a fast way to get from one destination to another, then you probably aren’t going to be too particular about extra frills.

But what if you intend to get some work done while flying high? Or perhaps you are traveling with a potential client and want to host a business meeting in the air.

Your reasons for flying won’t always match those around you. So, choosing an aircraft that will fit your size and distance requirements is only half the battle.

Decide before you book as to whether or not you are going to require things like:

  • Connectivity
  • Reclining seats
  • In-flight entertainment capabilities
  • A meeting table, and so on


Canadair Challenger 605 - The Early Airway


The Destinations Your Company Frequents

As evidenced in the above list of sizing options, where you are traveling is rather important when determining the size jet you are capable of utilizing.

For instance, if your company frequents remote locations with small runways, you may have to look at a lighter option – and forego the heavy jet.

In the same way, if you are traveling great distances, you will want to make sure that your jet can handle the distance. Otherwise, you may find yourself making frequent stops to refuel.


Know Your Company’s Budget

If you are seeking to stay within a budget for your company, purchasing corporate jets is not always the most feasible option.

There is a lot of maintenance and upkeep that comes with owning a private jet.

However, choosing to charter one when you need it, means that everything is taken care of for you. It is a much more affordable option.

Another way to be cognizant of your company’s budget is to only go for what you need.

If you are traveling with 6 passengers to a destination less than 1,000 miles away – do you need a super mid for the extra comfort and luxuries?

Or, can you enjoy yourself just as well in a nice, slightly less glamorous option that will still provide you with comfort and privacy?

The options are many in the chartered flight industry. So, it is important to know what you are looking for – and what you are willing to spend.


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Most Popular Corporate Jets

Now that you know what you are looking for, as a bonus, we thought we’d share with you the most commonly selected corporate jets. Perhaps one of these may be just the one for your company.

Citation X

The fastest and largest of the commonly used Cessna jets. You will find lots of comfort and room to move about here.

Learjet 60 

This midsize jet is one of the most popular. It is not too over-the-top but brings a great mix of comfort and luxury.

Boeing Business Jet

Looking to entertain up to 20 passengers? The BBJ offers so much freedom and elegance that you may forget you are in the air.

Gulfstream V (G550) 

This jet offers a great mix of both great luxury and comfort and is a high-performance aircraft with a high safety record.



Well, there you have it – everything you need to know about how to find the best corporate jets for your company, including size and amenities.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious ride to accommodate your whole team or you prefer a small, simple jet to get you from one place to another, there is a business jet out there for you.